A reunion 38 years in the making, museums, buses and trains

Time for a refresh in the sales area - I completely cleared, cleaned and redid the 4 seasonal tables at the front of the sales area as you enter. The square tables are now home to plants with foliage of silvers, lime greens, golds and greens. I must admit, I'm loving the colour combinations.

The round tables are a riot of summer colour, because why not. There are also some interesting plants I've brought over from the tunnels.
The rest of the water plants are out and include new bunches of oxygenators, blue and white Pontaderia (love them) miniature water lilies and flowering marginals.
In the rest of the sales area and stock beds all the usual suspect are waiting to go to their new homes.
See you soon for plants, pots, compost, garden sundries, gifts, garden chat, good food, coffee and cake and farm shop goodies here at Whitmuir

That's pudding sorted, nothing like home grown strawbs

Here are some of my favourite views in the nursery gardens this week. I could take hundreds of photos to show you but if you can, come and experience the gardens for yourself. Gardening is about patience and when that patience pays off and your (or in this case) my ideas come to fruition, it’s the reward for all the effort, angst, hard work, tears and tantrums over the years against all the challenging conditions. To see these planting combinations and views of the gardens lifts our spirits and give us joy. Its also so heartwarming to hear all the compliments we get on the nursery and gardens when folks visit and enjoy their time here, it makes all the hard work worth it, so thank you for visiting, enjoying and taking the time to say how much you love what we do here at Quercus, it really does make our day ❤
Highlights include the entrance to the railway garden or herb garden depending which way you are walking, the copper beach hedge and Asperula are working together perfectly
Or the new grass path which sets of the scented garden borders perfectly, which the slab path never did, its really lifted this garden to a new level.
Finally the meadow – wow- it’s the best its ever been – the ox eye daisies are just amazing this year and the insects that have made their home there are literally buzzing! As for the wild orchids, I’m going to do a separate post about them 😃

What a great day last Saturday. I drove down to castle Douglas and Threave Gardens for a student reunion. Great to catch up with some of the guys in my year, Dan, Robert and John, Bruce who was in 1st year when we were in our second year and Colin and Gordon who were in second year when we were first years. A lot of reminiscing about all the nonsense we got up to, lots of laughs. Coffee and cake in the stables, a tour of the house, it's awfly posh now and not lived in any more. Then a buffet in Castle Douglas before driving home. Chatting to Bob who was gardener there when we were annoying students and Bill Hean and Magnus who were in charge. You be hard pushed to do a pub crawl now in Castle Douglas, they're almost all closed!
Can't believe its 38 years since we left! 🤦
Big thanks to all those that organised the day, food, slide show and buffet 👍

Our year graduation day

Plants in the front garden at home, the snap dragon appeared from no where and survived the winter, it brings back memories of the snap dragons in my granny's garden in Dunbar

Snap dragons

Californian poppies

Mint for my margarita? Don't mind if i do

On Tuesday I took myself on the bus to Edinburgh and had a wander around some museums, shops and art galleries, great fun, enjoying the city doing some me things. I then got the train out to Linlithgow where I met up with Dan, David and Betty for Dan's birthday. Great to see everyone. Then home with David and Maisie. Nice not to have to drive and let someone else have the hassle, bus service is great from Peebles, many of the trains I'd planned to get were cancelled......
Declaration of Arbroath

Lewis chess men

Silver casket thought to belong to Mary Queen of Scots

Locking mechanism of a strong box of the Company of Scotland, 1695

Angel by Claire Curneen

Views from the Roof top garden of the NMS

Views of Edinburgh

National gallery

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  1. Ahh, lovely nursery garden, lovely Edinburgh. The nursery gardens look so large! You do a fantastic job creating and maintaining all that.

    1. The nursery certainly keeps us busy, the feed back and lovely customers make it all worth while. It was fun to take a trip into Edinburgh, I need to get back to doing it more :)


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