Into September we go, autumn and a chance to slow down a teeny bit

Well, September already and the weather has as in the rest of the year, been unseasonal and varied. September started hot and sunny and it was back to running around like a mad thing wielding hoses and trying to keep all the plants watered. It was lovely to have some late summer, early autumn heat before going into autumn and then winter (tho I love autumn, so no complaints). The colours are certainly changing on the trees and plants, the asters are starting to flower and the grasses are in full flower. 

Ink and wash cottage garden .......... Just gonna say...... I'm really pleased with this, didn't think I'd manage it, but here we are.

No Mum I'm not stealing the cuttings to chew 😃

Maisie takes her job as nursery dog very seriously ......... as you can read in the photo captions ......

What was that, its that cheeky vole again

Right that's the tunnel inspection done, whats next?

Mum the bucket needs emptied .....

I'll just sunbath while you do the work Mum

I'll have a triple expresso, the hell you will, you are bad enough without caffine 😃

What a difference a year makes. The back garden is almost complete, just one corner to finish.

I love these cool mornings, all that dew, turning spiders webs into diamond encrusted works of art, autumn is a moment away and then the warmth of the day burning off the mist.

I've tidied up our seasonal display pots with some autumn coloured chrysanths. The Violas are still going strong after nearly 8 months and the primroses are bulking up with lots of new leaves. They were also planted back in early spring. Its worth leaving these "bedding" plants in as you get so much more out of them year on year.

My "assistant" was making sure I was sorting the bulb delivery out correctly

Pretty in pink, it might be the beginning of autumn but there are still plenty pinks in the garden, softening the fiery oranges, yellows and reds and adding highlights amongst the airy grasses.

Colchicum autumnale

Sanguisorba 'Blackthorn'

A day in the life of an overworked, underslept, over stressed, over whelmed gardener. Car into the garage to get a spring fixed 😕 flu jag 😕 off to order our summer house at last, decision made 🙂 a sunflower - a gift from the birdies ❤️, Crinums flowering in my front garden, I hope they survive the winter, I love them 🙂

A line and wash stormy lighthouse scene - the welcome light in the darkening sky

Davids car had to go to a garage in Selkirk so we walked along the mill lade to The waterwheel cafe for lunch and then a walk back along the river. Last walked with the kids in 2005! Our dog Sam walked the whole way in the mill lade, typical black lab lol.

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