Happy New Year, hello 2022

 First painting of 2022 so it has to be plant themed, using only 2 colours - Sap green and Permanant Rose

Happy New year everyone. After a lovely evening bringing in the new year with our neighbours round a bonfire we headed up to Linlithgow for dinner with Granny and Daniel, great entertainment and banter as always. Daniel has named the pudding a frudding as it was fraudulent in appearance, he thought it was a Christmas pudding but it was a chocolate orange pudding (yum). It was great to visit and catch up. We've been so lucky to be able to spend precious time with family over the festive season, memories to cherish.


Winter reflections, Using one colour - Paynes Grey

Send, Plant, Grow. I am so excited to stock these cards next year. They are made Eco-Friendly Sustainable paper which contains wild flower seeds. Printed with Vegan-Friendly ink and all Recyclable! Perfect - Seed cards - £3.95. These will be available to buy when we open at the beginning of March.

We took all the christmas decs down on Sunday, the tree really was on its last legs! Its nice to get the house back to normal, on with the new year! Though I do always think the house looks so bare and dull, but it feels much bigger without the enormous tree taking up half the livingroom! A walk in Cardrona forest in the afternoon, a lot of the paths are still blocked with fallen trees from storm Arwen so we couldn't go the way we'd planned, but a good walk all the same.

Seeds - its that exciting time of year when I do my seed orders for all the plants I want to grow this year in the nursery and garden and at the other end packaging up our own seeds to sell in our wee shop. Our seeds will be going on the website in the next few days and will be available to buy there. I bought less seeds this year, yet I still seems to have so many packets to sow!

Poppy Field

If you've got lots of plants to tie up this spring then we have the string for you, in any colour you want.
~ I love all these colours and there are many more underneath! These mini spools are £1.50, what's not to love about them they are so cute 😃
~ Who can resist all those colours (and there are many more 😮 ) Mixed colours raffia £3.00 each
~ Dual Twine - two colours, use which ever suits your mood or what ever you are tying up, £10.00 each

Autumn trees

My last day off! I spend all year looking forward to my winter off and then in a blink of an eye its over and its January and another year at the nursery begins. I've really enjoyed sitting down for a couple of hours a day to paint. I will really mis it when I go back to work.
With a day to myself as David was away gliding, I spent some time doing nursery admin, another painting and a walk up the Southern Upland Way behind the house. A beautiful blue sky but freezing, just in time for back to work, sods law.

Back to work on Wednesday, a frosty chilly one, but at least there were blue skies, sunshine and no wind. An ideal day to start the mammoth willow fedge weaving task. First 17 feet done today yay
😃 Great to catch up with Viki and a few other wee tasks done about the nursery too 😃
It might be cold and frosty but there was still lots of colour and interest in the nursery gardens today. Whether it's stem colour, evergreen leaves, or last years grass flowers, its very easy to maintain interest through the bleakest winter days by choosing the right plants.

Epimedium x versicolor 'Sulphureum'

Cornus alba 'Sibirica'

Viburnum davidii

Miscanthus sinensis 'Federweisser'

Althaea officinalis

Thursday ended up being a day at home hiding from the snow, rain, sleet and strong winds. I got lots of admin done, orders placed and another painting done. So never a wasted day, just a different type of work.

Bluebell wood

Friday and with snow lying over night, I decided to spend another day at home doing admin. The weather is to be warmer and better next week so I will get a good go at a week of work then. I sorted through all the point of sale cards that need reprinted. David and I went out for a short walk along the road, scenic with the snow, but cold. Back to sit in front of the log burner and do another painting.

A loch view

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  1. Seed cards, what a lovely idea

    1. One of the best things in our shop this spring when we open :D and so environmentally friedly too


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