"But now in September the garden has cooled......

......, and with it my possessiveness.

The sun warms my back instead of beating on my head ...

The harvest has dwindled,

and I have grown apart from the intense midsummer relationship that brought it on."

- Robert Finch

We have had some stunning days at the end of this summer! That blue sky and still warm. Bit nippy first thing in the morning, but it's autumn. Did I mention I love autumn?

Wednesday last week I finally finishing off sorting through all our stock (6 months of tidying, weeding, feeding, top dressing, propagating, labelling) so that's a huge tick off the list. I then spent the afternoon in the wildlife and natives garden giving the borders a last tidy before winter, cutting some plants back but leaving others for winter interest or seed. Weeding, general tidying and seed gathering. Its a great way of getting to grips with how the garden and plants have done this year. I am going to spend the rest of the week tidying through the gardens. So if you visit I'll be the one rummaging about in the borders

bee on Origanum 'Rosenkuppel'

Cyclamen hederifolium

Hedera helix 'Buttercup'

The wildlife garden

This week's watering can vase - a mix of Astilbes, Trollius 'Golden Queen', Sanguisorba hakusanensis and Knautia macedonica.

Tonight Bracken and I are a radio tagged bat! I kid you not. The things you do for hubby. Waiting to be found by DDAL Whitmuir Bat Project David Dodds Associates Ltd DDAL Bat Survey Team

One upside of being a radio tagged bat tonight was getting to enjoy the sunset from Whitmuir. Fun and great training for the survey team, tho Bracken was wondering why we weren't at home on the sofa

Bracken the bat dog

On Thursday I was tidying the entrance borders. It might be September but there is still so much colour in the gardens. Its lovely to take photos to record the progress of the plants and gardens through the year and I can’t believe I’m already planning for winter, where has the year gone? I know there are lots of photos in these posts, but I love sharing the gardens, nursery and plants with you all and hopefully it will encourage you to visit too before we close for our winter break

Carex buchananii

Geranium nodosum

Persicaria amplexicaulis 'Alba' with fasciation

Phlox paniculata 'Uspekh'

Rodgersia podophylla

Rudbeckia laciniata

Sanguisorba 'Pink Brushes'

Thalictrum delavayi

Veronicastrum virginicum roseum 'Pink Glow'

On Friday Sam started tidying the scented garden then potted up lots of seedlings for stock next year while I finished off the tidying and then moved onto the herb garden. A productive day with another tidied garden and lots of new plants

Echinops sphaerocephalus x tchensanicus 

Lythrum salicaria 'Zigeunerblut'

Nepeta govaniana

Oenothera biennis

Sanguisorba canadensis

My "help" weeding the herb garden today

Late afternoon light in the cottage, late summer.
~ Antique nursing chair belonged to my great Granny
~ Antique reproduction tapestry from the Netherlands
~ Chest of drawers from Junkshopantiques
~ pots and bowls from all over
~framed art prints from the Louvre, Paris

Late afternoon light in the cottage

A lovely day off on Monday when I drove through to Kilmarnock to see Ben, my eldest. We went out for the afternoon, Ben driving me n him down to Dunure in his new truck. Picnic lunch over looking the castle, a labyrinth and castle ruins to explore then a walk along the harbour and beach with a coffee and ice cream, Weather wasn't the best, but great to spend some time together. Back to his for take away. Incidently this harbour and the beach featured in Outlander, I didnt realise until we saw the big sign driving into the village 😃 great to spend some mum son time together ❤

After a busy day on Monday, I didn't fancy going far on Tuesday and had lots to catch up with at home. So David and I headed off to Traquair at lunch time for a walk around the grounds and lunch in the walled garden. If you live in the area, its well worth buying an annual pass like we've done, great value. Lunch was lovely and lots of tables set out in the walled garden under gazebos and the fruit trees. Then home to work on a garden design for a client.

Sorbus cashmiriana, Traquair

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