Loving having a proper summer

I am harvesting all these lovely purple peas for dinner, there is nothing more tasty than fresh veg from the garden, and I had my first strawberry today too. After some much needed rain we are having another hot, dry spell. NOT COMPLAINING, its lovely, its so nice to have proper summer weather. Back to watering everywhere, thank goodness David has upscaled our watering system and I can water in two places at once! The gardens at the nursery continue to bloom and they are absolutely looking their best at the moment, well worth a visit.

Pea 'Victorian Purple podded'

The flowers of Pea 'Victorian Purple podded'
are lovely and so much nicer than the usual white pea flowers

The roses we have for sale are beginning to flower and the perfume from them is filling the sales area, there are always new plants coming out from our propagation areas to the sales area and stock beds, so it's always worth popping in to the nursery every so often to see what's new.

Rosa 'floribunda 'Golden Wedding'

Rosa 'floribunda 'Golden Wedding'

Rosa HT 'Ruby Wedding'

Beautiful veg box from Gather Market Garden who are growing at Whitmuir. A very generous swap for some of our herb plants. Bracken is not so sure as its all veg, but it's low fat bracken.

Fragrant Friday - At last our sweetpeas are flowering, they are still a bit on the short side but now we’ve had rain they are quickly climbing up their canes. I took a bunch home where they’ve filled the kitchen with their awesome scent. If you like the recycled glass vases in the photos of my kitchen window sill we have one of the largest left, its 47 cm high and £32 and the smaller tear drop vase on the right of the photos is £25.
With their evocative scent of country gardens, Grandad's allotment and vases of abundant summer flowers. I love them and in the nursery I've grown them in wooden boxes as a back drop to the seating area in the scented garden. My favourite varieties are 'Beaujolais', 'Erewhon', 'Gwendoline', 'Nimbus', 'Royal Wedding', 'Wiltshire Ripple' and 'Painted Lady'

Its not often I take time to sit in the nursery gardens, in fact hardly ever, despite creating all those lovely seating areas. A few days ago in the warm sunny weather the wildlife meadow was looking wonderful and I took a few minutes to sit amongst it and experience it from a different perspective.

Geranium pratense

Dactylorhiza fuchsii

There wasn't a lot going at the railway on Sunday 😃

It’s was a busy two days off, on Monday we took Adam to get his first vaccination at Ingleston and then we headed over to North Berwick to sort out more of David’s mum’s flat as its now finally up for sale. Its so hard emptying a loved one’s home but good to see David and Ian sharing memories. Great North Berwick fish and chips for tea before heading home. On Tuesday I had a garden consultation in East Calder and afterwards David, Bracken and I visited Malleny Gardens. Its ages since I’ve been there, so good go visit again. Home to do more work (David) and domestic chores (me) before David headed out for another late night survey. They say a change is as good as a rest, much as I love the nursery, its good to see somewhere different.

Geraniums and feverfew at Malleny

A herbaceous clematis

Looking into the Greenhouse

David, Bracken and I exploring another garden

Rose 'Prince Charles'

Rose 'Tuscany Superb', Malleny Gardens

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