Straight from winter to summer, at last some warmth

Gradually the weather is warming up, plants are growing and I am getting lots of plants out the polytunnel to the stock beds and sales area. Thank goodness because I have so many pots of seedlings to pot up and need the space. Plant addict. I've taken my auricula primulas out of the vertical planter to make way for the veg troughs. The primulas will sit behind the office until they go back in the tunnel for winter. I've done a range of veg again this year, mainly heritage varieties, most of which are available for sale. One of the reasons for growing veg in the vertical planter is its something different and a great feature in the nursery and it shows even if you have very little room, you can still grow plants.

Pea 'Blackdown Blue' 

Our veg seedlings are finally catching up! We now have Beetroot available and a heritage pea 'Blackdown Blue' which has gorgeous pink and purple flowers.

We still have some leeks, carrots, carraway, Dill and parsley left 🥦🥕
Beans, squash and nasturtiums are on their way, hopefully coming out the tunnel at the weekend 🙂
I got my veg seedlings all planted out today 🙂
Annual flowers still available - corn marigolds, poached egg plant 🍳🍳🍳and some sweet peas.

seedlings for sale

Its that time of year when everything is growing and we need lots of string to tie in climbers, enthusiastic perennials and our sweet peas. In the nursery wee shop we have lots of sting of different colours and lengths. Ideal for a gift or to use yourself.

I’m loving this colourful corner on the bottom terrace. Oranges, yellows and whites come together in a display that last right through to late autumn.
Narcissus ‘Thalia’
Tulip ‘Apeldoorn’s Elite’
Origano vulgaris ‘Aurea’
Lysimachia ‘Firecracker’
Euphorbia griffithii
Heuchera ‘White Cloud’
Euphorbia amagaloides ‘Purpurea’

I can't help it, newly mown grass and a sharp edge makes me happy 😊 auld school gardener lol 😆 the gardens were tidy and ready for our charity day. The weather was good, we were raising money for Breast Cancer Care and the SGS charities.

The railway garden path cut

The sunny weather has brought the indoor plants out into the sales area. We have a selection of Abutulon 'Ashford Red', cacti, succulents and Pelargoniums propagated from my own personal collection.

Thank you to everyone who came along to our charity open day last Sunday and who made a donation to our chosen charities. We had a very busy day, the trains were running and it was lovely to see the nursery full of people enjoying a visit in the sun.

I'm really enjoying the Rodgersias unfurling this year, for once they haven't been frosted in a late May cold night. The bronze against the lime green of the unfurling Matteucia strutthiopteris is fab :)

A perk of being your own boss and working a day when the nursery is closed, is when you get to 3.30 and you’ve been working since 8.30 and you think, actually I’m done for the day, I want to go and enjoy the stunning weather at home. That said I went home and cut all the grass and weeded the front garden lol. It was nice to have time to potter about in lovely weather at home though

We finally got to visit Sauchton Gardens in Edinburgh and what a gorgeous day for it. We met up with Becky and Ian and enjoyed a lovely lunch together at the The Garden Bistro. So nice to sit in the sun and relax and chat and then a walk around the gardens.

3rd meal of the day outdoors, such a beautiful evening here in the borders, with all the birds filling the garden with their singing and it's so lovely and peaceful.

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