"Sweet April showers Do spring May flowers."

Time flies when you are super busy. I can't believe we've been open almost a month and that I am behind in blogs. But I am not complaining it has been a joy to see all my customers again and lots of new folk too. After some rain and sun the plants are beginning to wake up at last.

Tulip 'Apeldoorne Elite'

A week or so on Wednesday and I spent the day in the stock beds and finally finished tidying and propagating "P's"! In amongst all that the long awaited pot delivery arrived, all 3 pallets of them. David very kindly came in to help push them up the track to the nursery and as you can see Bracken always has to be involved! 

Bracken modelling the latest in garden pots for 2021 🤣

The weather this week has been amazing, so warm and sunny, but still chilly at night with slight frosts. I work in a beautiful place and in all that beautiful weather over the past few days and not one photo of it have I taken 😕 I have been so busy with lovely customers and nursery work which is great, but not a second to take a photo. Not sure I remember what lunch is either, but on the positive I can tighten my belt by two notches and fit into clothes that laughed hysterically at me during winter 💪💪💪

So instead of lovely gardens, plants and blue skies here are the lambs in the field across from our house skipping in the evening sun.

Beautiful Narcissus 'St Patrick's Day' in the amazing sun. Its one of my favourite daffodils and these came with me from my last garden. The weather has been amazing the past week or so, still cold at night but hot and sunny during the day. I've been enjoying working out in the sun and warmth without hundreds of winter layers. ❤

WOW! What amazing weather this weekend, wasn't it glorious 😎😎😎 Thank you to all our customers 🤩 who came along this weekend, and every day since we opened. You've kept us very busy and we've loved having everyone back to enjoy the gardens and nursery, to have a chat and help you choose plants. Pots sales have gone amazingly well, I'm going to try and get more stock in 🙂 We are sold out of compost but I'm working on getting more of that in too 🙂

Narcissus 'Thalia' 

Tulip flag mixed

Tulip flag mixed

Primula veris, cowslips are flowering at last 

Prunus cerasifera 'Nigra'

Bracken was enjoying the sun this weekend too, keeping me company while I got the shrub stock beds cleared out, tidied and the plants top dressed. I'm not sure how I managed to create so much space, but its much needed for all the new plants I'm bringing over from the poly tunnel 🙂 Another big job off the task list 🙂

I love my Mondays in my polytunnel. A relaxing and calm but busy day in the tunnel out of the colder weather, what a change from the heat of the weekend!
I reached that exciting moment in the year when the whole polytunnel has been weeded, tidied, top dressed and fed, propagated, swept, and emptied of all last years propagated plants and filled with this years seed sowing and potted up cuttings done last autumn.
It doesn't last long. Next is to start potting up the perennial seedlings already sprouting and growing which will provide the start of next years stock. An endless ever turning cycle of plant production...............

A tidy polytunnel

Its all about yellows in the stream garden this week as it begins to fil out and flower. The warmth of the last few days has brought plants on a wee bit. Imagine what they will do when they get some rain

Caltha palustris, Marsh marigold in the stream garden

Golden Saxifrage in full flower in the stream garden

Narcissus 'Hawera'

So pleased to see the Gunnera has survived this challenging winter

texture and colour, golden saxifrage and Rumex sanguineus var. Sanguineus

My day off was busy! Off to the hairdresser in the morning, much needed and so much better! Home via the nursery to put the tree and shrub delivery in, no such thing as a day off when you run your own business. Home to clean the house while David did the food shop and a beautiful bouquet of red roses when he came home ❤ Now he's off doing bat stuff while I'm trying not to do nursery admin 😕

Poppy cat keeping an eye on things

Hair cut and tidied at last

Flowers on my parlour palm

Kalanchoe flowers

A gift of roses

Title quote - Thomas Tusser

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  1. It is a shame about your lack of time but it sounds terribly good that you're inundated with customers. Let's hope it stays that way!
    Here in Finland it's been super cold too, northerly winds for the past two weeks so even if the sun is shining one has to have winter gear on. On the plus side it keeps spring flowers in bloom for a long time.
    Poppy is super cute, many kisses to her!

    1. Saila, yes its been a crazy April but good for business so can't complain. The weather however is all over the place, having had a few days of 18 to 20C we are now back to either rain or frosty nights. But at least plants are beginning to grow. Poppy the one eyed cat is just lovely, she's 15 this year and keeps Bracken the dog under control :D


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