"The scarlet of maples can shake me like a cry Of bugles going by.......

................... And my lonely spirit thrills to see the frosty asters like smoke upon the hills." 

-   William Bliss Carman

Matteuccia struthopteris

This week has had everything that makes autumn my favourite month. A bounty of apples picked, gorgeous sunsets, frost (not so good, but lovely photos!), beautiful sunny days, rain and so much more. The rain on Saturday was torential, not had rain like it for a long time. Never been so glad my new work boots arrived the day before. I felt like I'd been in a shower all day fully clothed. Least my feet were warm and dry for a change.

Rudbeckia 'Goldsturm' flowers are like tiny suns brightening up an autumn day. I've put them in this wire and terracotta pot basket for a seasonal display, perfect on a patio table or somewhere it can brighten your day. Goodness knows we all need some of that.

 Well that was another cold one on Friday morning 😮 I spent part of the morning shifting the last of the containers and pots I have dotted around the nursery under cover. Fortunately all the most vulnerable tenders went under cover two weeks ago. The tunnels are now stuffed full, the greenhouse is creaking at the joints and David's new cloches are full 😕 Never let a plantaholic have a plant nursery lol.

Friday sunset over the River Tweed

Its been a mixed year for apples this year. A few trees were laden with fruit yet there were more that had not one apple! I picked them last weekend and am working up to peeling them 🙄 to make lots of chutney and other goodies. Youngest son is probably more than happy that he can't visit in case he gets press ganged into peeling them. He peeled the apples a couple of years ago when he was still at home, which was a great help. Its up to me this year 😃 I left a few damaged ones for the birds, bugs and beasties to enjoy too.

Some left for the wildlife

Another section of the Long stock bed border cleared and planted. This one has 2 box balls, now has 5 Hellebore Argutifolius planted along the front since i took these photos and will have a Euphorbia wulfenii planted in spring There are also 60 yellow and orange tulips planted in here too! Cant wait to see it all grow next year.

Monday was a long day. 11 hours of driving, 3 hours of work, a picnic and walk on the beach. Another David Dodds bat job done on the beautiful Saddell Estate near Cambeltown. Glad to be able to help with the driving and enjoy a glorious day out in our beautiful country. Exhausted though, glad of a long lie the following day! The weather was great and the autumn colours fab.

Glasgow, early morning rainbow

Loch Lomond

Ben Lomond

Mist over Inveraray

The driveway at Saddell

Looking over to Ailsa Craig and Ayr beyond

Picnic time

Saddell Bay

Isle of Arran

Saddell Castle

Impressive clouds at Cambeltown

A rain shower on the way!

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  1. Looking good! Here in Finland we've had an unusually warm September-October and here in the south-west we haven't been anywhere near frost so far. If it was not for the deer that eat everything I would have plenty in flower, but they leave no blooms in asters, colchicums, rudbeckias, japanese anemones etc. Only ornamental grasses they don't touch and I'm getting more and more into them. It's more rewarding to plant something that you actually see in its full glory.
    Ohhh, the west coast pictures are stunning.

    1. Thank you, I love grasses, they add so much to a border and garden, with movement, texture and colour. The autumn colours in the trees are amaing this due, to those hard frosts of the past couple of weeks so its a good thing, bad thing, win some, lose some situation. The west coast is glorious, especially on a lovely day.


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