Oh, my Luve's like a red, red rose, that's newly Sprung in June....

.....Oh, my luve's like the melodie that's sweetly played in tune - Robert Burns.

The roses in the sales area really are coming into their own, 24 varieties, Scottish born and bred, great plants and covered in flower buds, the sales area is going to be a riot of colour and scent soon. We have climbers, HT, Floribundas, shrub roses and patio roses. Here are some already in flower:

Rose 'Fragrant Cloud'

Rose 'Crown Princess Margareta'

Rose 'Crown Princess Margareta'

Rose 'Pretty Polly'

Rose 'Sweet Dreams' 

Rose 'The Pilgrim'

This year the lupins again have out shone everything else in the gardens through June. I love them, such a retro plant but they deserve to be back out there as great garden plants. They have flowered for nearly a month now and still have many flowers to open. I suspect by the time I am back in the nursery on Wednesday they will be the worse for wear with all this windy weather  So here are some photos of them from the past week or two looking fabulous!
We are out of stock now for this year for Lupinus 'The Governor' (blue and white), Lupinus 'Noble Maiden' (cream) and Lupinus 'The Page' (red) but we still have a few of Lupinus 'Chandelier' (yellow and my favourite), Lupinus 'The Chatelaine' (pink and white) and Lupinus 'My Castle' (red). I have lots more propagated to grow on for next year

Lupinus 'The Governor'

Lupinus 'Chandelier'
Lupinus 'The Governor' and Lupinus 'The Chatelaine'

Lupinus 'The Chatelaine'

Lupinus 'The Governor'

Lupinus 'The Governor'

Lupinus 'The Page' 

The railway garden, one of our new gardens for 2020 is now complete, apart from the last of the bark. I'm really pleased with how it is looking and cant wait to see everything grow.

Fragrant Friday - Primula alpicola - One of my favourite primulas with its highly scented flowers (find them in the nursery gardens). Its name literally is ‘a dweller in high mountains’. In the garden it is happy in moist soil and semi shade. The flowers are flared bells of soft yellow, silvered violet, palest mauve, white and raspberry pink. H 30cm, S 20cm.

My orchid is flowering again,
 think this is the 4th time since I got it

On Saturday this happened, it's been too long without my boys. One down, 4 to go, great to see the boy, the engine he's been building in steam and have a catch up with Betty.
My son's opening comment to me was I looked like a sheep because my hair was growing so long. Remind me why we love them.

The fern wants in, it's knocking on the door
and sneaking a frond in when we come and go.....

Rain drops on roses around the front door

Our day off last week saw wet, misreable and windy weather so we didn't go for a picnic and walk. Once we'd done our routine of David doing the food shopping and me cleaning the house, we did a few bits and pieces of jobs around the house and then when it dried up a walk along the river. We haven't done this walk for ages and my how everything has grown! The grass and plants are higher than Bracken now and he's not liking it! There are foxgloves out now and woundwort, the grasses are in flower and the trees in full leaf. There are plenty wild flowers out at the cottage too including a great patch of fox and cubs. My day off goes far to quickly.


Fog and cubs

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