"The birds are gone, The ground is white.........

.......the winds are wild, They chill and bite;   The ground is thick with slush and sleet,   And I barely feel my feet (unknown source)

Beautiful Iris 'Pauline', perfect in 
pots or the garden

Once more into the maw of a storm I go. Wondering if it will ever be dry under foot again? Will we ever see the sun and blue sky or are we destined to grow webbed feet and a permanent lean into the wind? Wind, rain, sleet, snow, it's off to the nursery we go with as many layers on as possible. 

Watery reflections in the nursery

Another snowstorm coming in 

Much as I really enjoying weaving our willow fedge, its a massive job and I'm pleased to finish it. Another tick off the task list. If you've been to the nursery and gardens you'll know how much the fedge grows in summer. Weaving it back in completely changes the look of the lower terrace, making it much more open......... until it grows and becomes a secret garden again.

The fedge finished,
on with the next task or ten

Next on the task list is to fill up the sales area ready for opening on 7th March. It will be here before I know it and there is still so much to do. My customers are usually quite forgiving so I am sure it will be fine. I've also started sowing the annual seeds that go into the tunnel. Its a great job for these snowy, rainy, sleety days.

Sowing annual seeds

The Tweed has burst its banks again. Bracken and I arrived at work on Saturday morning to a blizzard, a white out, horrizontal blinding snow and a howling wind. He looked at me and I looked at him and I said, its ok Bracken, we ain't going out in that, so we sat in the car for 10 minutes. Hubby joined me just in time for lunch, warming lovely soup in the cafe.

A watery landscape along the River Tweed again

Lovely warming soup in the cafe

On Sunday David was in the nursery with me for the first time in a while. It was great to get on with some tasks together and hopefully he'll be back in regularly now helping me get on with building more of the nursery and gardens. The weather was dry but there was snow on the ground, but even then there is plenty of tasks to be getting on with. The countryside looked very pretty driving to the nursery in the morning.

This year we're excited to be selling our very own Cowslip seeds. Gathered from our wildflower banks here in the nursery, they will provide you with a carpet of cheery yellow flowers in spring. They like damp ground and sun or semi-shade, which is why they do well on our banks. You can sow them either straight into the soil or in pots of seed compost in spring. There are approx. 200 seeds in each packet, £2.50 per packet.
Cowslip seeds for sale in the nursery once we open

On Tuesday, our day off, we had a leisurely start to the day, catching up on tasks and chores at home. I took Bracken out for a walk....... our first walk from the cottage abandoned due to a heavy snow shower so we chased a pheasant round the woods behind the cottage. Second walk abandoned because walking up the field to the hill behind the cottage was impossible due to the sheer amount of water running down over the field and the mud. So we headed along to our favourite river walk. Which we did in bits as so much is still flooded or boot deep in water saturated grass. On the plus side it's the driest day we've had for a long time! In the afternoon we collected the my youngest in Broxburn as he and I had a dental appointment then back to Granny's for dinner and a catch up. I am also the best wife ever because I baked sage and cheese scones. Hubby thinks it's because I love him but its really because I wanted to cook a recipe with sage for a social media post 

Pheasant hunting

Another one of those days

Heading home

I just want a hill walk, not much to ask

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  1. Another lovely sounding recipe! It looks postcard picturesque with the snow. Pauline is indeed a fantastic colour!


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