Living in limbo, the time between a life lived and a life gone

Lots of hardy winter colour if you know where to look

Back in the nursery for the start of my working week. I spent a rainy afternoon (ok a freezing cold, windy, rainy afternoon with a good doze of sleet mixed in) tidying some plants for a colourful display of plants for sale that are looking good in the tidied borders.

As a business we are endeavouring to do as much as we can to reduce our impact on the environment. We are hoping to start switching to peat free compost this year. Our other biggest impact on the planet is our use of plastics. In the nursery we already use all our pots and trays as much as we can until they are completely unusable. We are looking into ways we can reduce our plastic usage with our plants for sale. The most practical way for us to grow plants is in plastic pots, but what if we were to keep our plastic pots to re-use in the nursery and customers swapped their purchased plants into recyclable card board pots for our customers to take them home in?

We've gone through a very wet spell of weather this week, it seemed endless and I'm searching about for jobs to do indoors when there is so much to do outdoors. I've been wrapping up and dashing out when the rain eases off to tidy the big border on the left side of the track into the nursery. I've been working away at the willow fedge every so often, it's a slow but rewarding job and I find it relaxing to do and I've also done a lot of cuttings of my Pelargoniums for selling in the summer, fingers crossed they root.

Lots of propagation in the greenhouse

I was lucky to have David with me in the nursery on Saturday, only the second day he's managed to be in the nursery this year. Sadly his mum is very poorly and not expected to be with us much longer so David has been spending a lot of time at the hospital with her and his brothers. With a few other things going on too it's been a very stressful and exhausting year so far and we're only just into the second month. We won't be having our annual February long weekend away either this year, everything is feeling relentless especially as there are ominous clouds on the horizon in other areas of life.

Me and my youngest

On Monday I caught up with domestic chores in the cottage and then headed off to Livingston to meet up with my youngest and Granny for some shopping and dinner. Its odd being so far away from Livingstone when it used to be only 20 or 30 minutes away. It was great to see them both and catch up over dinner and enjoy all the usual nonsense from them. It's impossible to get a good photo of Dan without him plling some sort of face, lol. Having realised I have had my current walking boots for 9 years I decided it was time for a new pair. I still had my birthday and christmas money from last year so decided this was a good way to spend it (thank you Betty). They're very colourful compared to my old leather ones. 

New walking boots!

Tuesday, our day off, we haven't managed to have any real days off and away somewhere this year, there has been so many other things happening. I dropped my car off at the garrage for what is going to be a very expensive service and MOT, infact it has to be overnight to get everything done. We then took ourselves for a bracing walk on Gullane beach, Brackens ears were flapping in the wind, maybe ours were too! I'm hating this year already, its been rough and we're only at the start of February. There was plenty butterburr in flower already and sea buckthorn for colour on the dunes. We stopped off on the way home for lunch and some food shopping then home to nurse the colds we both now have

Enjoying a run along the beach

Above the tide line

Brilliant blue sky

Empty beach

Butterbur was in full flower on the sand dunes

The fading berries of the Sea Buckthorn

Sunset over the nursery

The weather forecast for most of the coming week looks great, so I will be busy busy busy before it all goes wet and snowy again. Wishing you all a peaceful, happy gardening week.

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