Happy New Year, a new year, a new decade!

Hello! It's a new year and I'm hoping to get back to blogging. Last year I didn't have time nor inspiration to write, apart from the odd plant profile, lest see how this year goes. It's a new year, a new decade and we're in a new house in another county. Moving house just before Christmas was a bit mad but necessary and here we are in a lovely wee cottage in the Scottish Borders. It's an area we love and have visited frequently over the years. Nestled amongst the hills we will have ample opportunity to walk more and enjoy being in such a beautiful area. Fortunately we are only an extra 10 minutes drive from the nursery so it's a win win all round. 

The Southern Upland Way, looking north towards Innerleithan

We had a quiet New Year, just David and I, the dog and the cat, with all out youngsters away doing their own thing. So on New Years day we had a long lie and leisurely breakfast before heading out into the hills. We are so lucky that the Southern Upland Way passes just two fields away above the cottage and I'm really looking forward to lots more hill walking and exploring.

It's warmer again, far too warm for Scotland in winter

Looking this way and that

Bracken loved his walk, new places to explore

The Southern Upland Way is Britain’s first official coast to coast long distance path running 214 miles from Portpatrick on the south west coast of Scotland to Cockburnspath on the east coast. It offers great walking. The Way provides a real challenge for the experienced walker, especially if done in one stretch. Some of the shorter stretches are suitable for families and more leisurely walkers. The Southern Uplands have been heavily worn and rounded by the effects of glaciers, leaving a series of gently rolling hills with occasional rocky outcrops. There are no summits above 3000ft , but over 80 rise above 2000ft, offering some fine hill walking. I'd love to do it all, but for now I'll explore the bits I can around here.
First selfie of 2020 with my partners in crime in the background

The Tweed Valley ahead
Bracken keeping an eye on things

What are your plans and hopes for 2020? I'm not sure what mine are, to keep working hard at the nursery, improving it and developing it, hoping that it will become even more successful. Personally I've not really made any plans, they often go awry. But I hope to work more on living in the moment, enjoying the small things, appreciating that what I have is wonderful and having more doesn't necessarily lead to peace and contentment. I'd like to see more, experience more and see my young men grow and make their own lives.

The hill Lee Pen in the distance

There were plenty lichens on the dry stone walls along the walk

Xanthoria making a splash on the walls

We have lots of plans for the nursery and gardens in 2020. New borders and gardens, especially the Prairie and Railway garden and the Long Border behind the stock beds. More if I have the time. As in every year there are lots more plants being added to the stock list, seedlings to be potted, cuttings to be done and seeds to sow. Weeds to be dealt with. I'm starting off the year a few weeks behind because all of December was taken up with moving house. The tasks I usually get done in December didn't happen, so it will be busy busy right from the start of the year, like it isn't always.

Walking down to Kirkhouse

I love the twisted shapes ancient hawthorns
become on exposed hillsides

Berries and lichen providing winter colour


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