Without Valentine's Day, February would be... well, January

From freezing fog to sunshine and blue skies on Wednesday Morning when I took my car for it's MOT and service in Livingston

In the afternoon we were off to North Berwick to sort some bits and pieces out with David's mum who will be moving there once her house is sold. It was a beautiful day of pure blue skies and no wind, even if it was frosty. I managed to get a quick 10 minute walk on the beach with Bracken while David and his mum were registering at the GP surgery. Great views out to the Bass Rock and the Firth of Forth. Bracken ran round in big circles enjoying the beach, daft dog. Home via the garrage to get my car back, all passed and even washed and hoovered! 

Berwick Law

Seems ages since we were up the top of Berwick Law, yet it was only 3 weeks ago

Bass Rock

Gorgeous day in North Berwick

Great to be on a beach

Swans in the old outdoor swimming pool

After a night of temperatures down to -9C and snow there was no point going into the nursery so another snow day at home doing paperwork and planning in the warmth. David and I went along to the nursery to check things were ok and then took Bracken for a walk at Milkhall Ponds just up from the nursery. It was all very pretty with the pure blue sky, snow and sunshine.

Milkhall Ponds in the winter sun

Swans on the pond

Ducks worshipping the sun

Scots pines

Up onto the old railway line

What's he seen?

Bracken in the woods

Milkwood Ponds

Pentlands in the snow

Back to the nursery on Friday, wrapped up well and hoping to get some willow weaving done. Despite starting off about -7C, working down on the bottom terrace in the sun wasn't too bad and the heater was on in my office. I got a good amount of willow weaving done, but because the ground is frozen solid I can put any new rods in, so will have to go back and do the filling in bits later once everything has defrosted. I also had a walk around the fairy walk and up to the waterfall which was looking great cloaked in icy and dripping with icicles. 

Agastache foeniculum in the snow

Iris 'Silver Edge' seed pods with a winter silver edge

Frosted trees on the farm

Iced moss

The waterfall was looking great this week

Waterfall in the quarry at Whitmuir

More of the same on Saturday, but with a light layer of more snow and higher temperatures. The sun was out and I spent most of the day weaving more willow. Linda was visiting the gallery so we had a coffee and cake in the new cafe. Excellent cake and lovely to catch up with Linda. 

More snow, it all looks very pretty

The stockbeds in winter

The bottle path edge had snow hats this week!

Almond and polenta cake and a mocha, perfect on a cold February day

On Sunday it was very overcast and chilly, bring back that blue sky! I spent the day weaving willow and finished all of the front length and half of the back. Nearly there! Finished a wee bit early to pick youngest son up from Lanark train station, then home, changed and into Edinburgh to meet Becky for her birthday dinner. David is feeling traumatized he has a twenty five year old daughter, so they both hit the cocktails! We went to Wahaca, a mexican street food restaurant, which was really good. Excellent service and food, a good night was had by all.

An overcast day for willow weaving

Amazing Mecxican food



Edinburgh at night

Monday and domestic duty day, shopping, cleaning and a trip to the vet with one of our cats, Milly. Tuesday was more of the same with a walk at Penicuik House with David and Bracken, unfortunately the rain came on so it was a bit dull, but made for some good black and white photos. We stopped off at Whitmuir on the way home for lovely coffee and cake, perfect for warming up on a wet afternoon.

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