The weather, it's a changing

Can any one believe we are now well into our fourth week of glorious hot and sunny weather? I can't, I wake up every morning thinking this will be the day it gets cold and dull again, but no. I have heard the weather is to return to normal in the next week, back to layers again then. The nursery has been incredibly busy both with the amount of work needing done and the number of customers. The later is fantastic and really shows the business is growing very well. It is so satisfying to have our hard work rewarded with so much positive feedback. For starters here are some photos of the herb garden, now going into it's second year and looking amazing.


Helianthemum 'Bunbury'

The checkerboard in the herb garden

Rodiola rosea

Thymus 'Bressingham'

Thymus serpyllum 'Album'

Work potting up seedlings and doing cuttings continues in the tunnel, the annuals are all now potted and rooting through ready for planting in the gardens and for selling and I'm potting the perennials as they are ready. Back in the nursery tidying continues in the stock beds and I am very nearly finished weeding, tidying and potting the perennial area. Next will be the shade plants and lastly the grasses and persicarias (which are on the move to a new area once it's ready). Watering of course is a big job at the moment, keeping everything hydrated in this heat, but we are keeping on top of it. The gardens in the nursery really are looking wonderful with lots of early summer colour and scent. Why not come and see for your self?

On Saturday night we managed to get 2.1 of our 5.1 offspring over for our bonfire and BBQ at the nursery (yes the .1 is Bracken) We got all the accumulated rubbish from the past three years burnt once the rain shower passed and the potting area proved to be a very handy BBQ area. Thanks to David, Ben and Dan for all their help and for cooking the BBQ and also the sun for coming back out. CLearing away all this rubbish means we can progress with the next phase of re configuring our work area behind the office.

Chef Daniel and helper?

Great BBQ

Iris 'Persimmon'

Paws for thought!

We had another busy weekend with lots of customers enjoying wandering around the nursery and gardens and choosing plants to take home with them. The continued good weather has helped people and plants in the garden. Then by Monday it was all change with much lower temperatures, low cloud and drizzle all day. In a way it was a relief from the heat but I hope that's not the end of summer!

Delighted to see the medlar I planted in spring is covered in flowers,
hope we get some fruit to try

Bracken... I can smell those burgers on the BBQ, let me at them!

Some of my auricula Primulas are still flowering at home,
 this is 'Sirius'

Our day off on Tuesday was very relaxing, with a much needed long lie, for a very tired Quirky Bird who isn't sleeping well and working very hard. We then headed to Lanark for lunch with Andrew and Linda. The weather cleared and we were able to eat out in their garden in the sun, along with Paul and Biff. A lovely afternoon and evening, a bit of wine drunk and a good time had by all.

Hope you are all having a good week, happy gardening!

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