Wishing for Warmth

Crocus coming into flower in the nursery

Lest start with a lovely photograph of crocus coming into flower in the nursery and lets also ignore the snow they are surrounded by! I'm beginning to feel this is more a weather blog than a gardening blog, but the two are so closely bound together, it's difficult not to, especially when it is still so depressingly wintry. It is so changeable too, one day we have dry weather with some sun and a hint of warmth and the next it is snowing and bitterly cold. It's very much about working to the weather at the moment, outside on dry days and indoors when its all turned white! I have managed to start spring tidying the stock beds which is always a big job but very satisfying to do. I'm potting plants that need to go into the stock beds from the tunnel as I make space, and labelling, so as each section is done it's looking tidy, full and organised.

Always good to start spring cleaning the stock beds

Thursday was the day of my father in law's funeral and we travelled down to York in the morning, then back at night. A sad day and a long day, we go to York via the M74, M6, across the A66 and down the A1 but the A66 was closed due to an accident jut before we got there. So a long detour through beautiful Cumbria, at least the sun was shining, and then the same back at night as the road was still closed!

Blue skies in Cumbria

We were straight back into Easter weekend and typically the weather was not great. Sunday was dry and sunny but cold and yet Whitmuir was dead, so frustrating for all the businesses as you can imagine. Oh we really need some spring weather! In between the rain and sleet showers on Friday I tidied up the rest of the planters in the sales area, some I am going to re do when I get some inspiration and have emptied them for now. I finished top dressing the last of the garden borders with bark, which will hopefully make a huge difference to weeding during the summer. When the weather was really bad I got the last of the annuals sown, perennials next. No time is wasted, what ever the weather decides to do. When Kelly was in on Saturday she and I spent a snowy morning in the tunnel tidying Semperviviums and re-potting them while I worked through the young shrubs and climbers, tidying and weeding them and putting aside any ready to go over to the nursery to pot on. In the afternoon Kelly sowed more seeds whilst I tidied and labels shrubs and trees for sales. Its all go. 

We decided to put a small advert in Gardens Illustrated this spring,
it's a start, from small acorns and all that .....

Bracken's answer to everything is to sleep!

Cake by Daniel, decoration by Val

Youngest son Daniel has got a job in the kitchen at Whitmuir and started on Saturday, working right through to Monday, and then every second weekend after that, he was exhausted after his first day. But he is a natural and is getting on really well and will be earning his own money, yay!

Corydalis malkensis in the alpine troughs at home

Monday, what can I say, it snowed all day! There was a large dose of can't be bothered, lethargy and wanting to hibernate, though I did manage to write two and a half blog posts and other admin type stuff. Our day off on Tuesday and the weather was heavy rain, heavy skies and a heavy cold for me - meh! After my hair appointment in the morning (Quirky Birds like to feel and look their best) David and I headed to the restoration yard for lunch. Sadly too wet for a walk in the country park, but we did enjoy a lovely lunch and some shopping before heading home to chill on the sofa.

Detail of a lampshade at the Restoration Yard

A rainy view from the Restoration Yard cafe

Mint and cucumber water and Cuddybridge Apple
 juice at the Restoration Yard

Colourful stools at the Restoration Yard

I should be ill more often, David cooked a lovely bacon, new potato,
mushroom and blue cheese salad for dinner

So that was our week, more winter than spring and a nasty cold to boot. Hope your week is warmer and you can get out in the garden. Happy gardening!

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