In a Vase on a Monday - Pretty in Pink

Pretty in pink

As I stepped out the door to cut some flowers the first that caught my aye was the huge honey suckle that rampages through the hedge on the west border of this garden. In the evening the patio is heady with it's scent and all day and night there is a gentle background hum of the bees going about their business gathering the pollen.

A hint of purple from Geranium psilostemon, to be fair the flowers should be magenta
but the shadow of the evening has turned them purple!

I find this time of summer a bit in between in the garden, do you? All the early summer flowerers are going over and there's a lull before late summer colour gives us all those yellows and oranges.

Astrantia, Astilbe and Rose 'Eye Paint' supported by purple sage in the back ground

This is where long lasting flowers such as Astrantia and grasses come into play along with coloured foliage such as Purple sage. They add another dimension to flower arrangements both with colour and texture. I love using herbs in vases, not only do they look god but the smell is wonderful too. Sanguisorba menziesii is the first to come into flower and is just going over now, this is the last of the flowers on the left with it's bottle brush look

A jug from my collection of Chef ware sets of the arrangement, giving it a real summer feel,
despite the heavy rain we've had this week

Astrantia 'Buckland' and Rosa 'Eye Paint' make a lovely couple. This rose flowers well into November in my garden here at home

and lastly that gorgeous scented honeysuckle which I can smell
on the breeze as I write this blog

Thanks to Cathy at Rambling in the Garden for hosting In a vase on a Monday. You can visit here blog for more inspiration and vases.

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  1. This looks luscious with its plummy pinks - and the purple sage does a great job in complementing the blooms, as you say. what a useful rse that is with such a long season! Thanks for sharing today

    1. Thanks Cathy, at least somethings have survived the heavy rain!

  2. Love your jug - it does have a summery, beach feel to it.
    Honeysuckle is so engaging, the thought of an arbor of it has me thinking... I have just the place for it!
    Astrantia 'Buckland' also caught my eye. What kind of culture does it like best? A friend gave me a white one last year, gets 4 hours sun, but it only has 2 blooms. Any thoughts?

    1. Hi Eliza, thanks for commenting, Astrantias will grow almost anywhere, I have them in a dry north facing border and a damper sunny border and they all do well. Not sure why your plant has few flowers, maybe try a feed and see how if improves this year.

  3. The intense color of that Geranium is arresting. I love the Astrantia too and so wish I could get it to grow here!

    1. Hi Kris, the Geranium is intense with it's dark eye, it's also one of the taller varieties and they are a very useful plant in the garden here. What a shame you can't grow them.


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