In a Vase on a Monday - a Herby Bouquet

June is a wonderful time in the garden, everything is still so fresh and lush with so many plants coming into their own. The predominant pinks, whites and blues blend together beautifully in the garden and in a vase but I thought I'd go for something a wee bit different and focus on foliage colour. 

A bouquet of herbs for the kitchen

The herb garden is buzzing with bees, colour and scent and so much colour from foliage. Up here in the Scottish hills flower colour in the herb garden tends to be later so it's good to make much of the different forms and colours of leaves.

A culinary delight

I have put together four different mints; Mentha × piperita f. Citrata "Eau de Cologne", Mentha suaveolens, "Apple Mint" (my fav for cooking), Mentha suaveolens 'Variegata', "Pineapple Mint" and Mentha x gentilis 'Variegata', "ginger Mint". Two Origanos make an appearance; Origanum vulgare 'Aureum Crispum' with it's golden crinkled leaves and Origanum 'Country Cream' a great variegated form.

A lovely variety of colour form and colour

I have taken a liberty with the Artemisia as it's not really a cooking herb, but is Artemisia absinthium, responsible for the active ingredient in the drink Absinthe. Also featuring is purple Fennel, a striking tall herb much loved by bees and hover flies when in flower. Lastly purple sage and common Thyme are tucked in for those beef or pork joints on a lazy summer Sunday.

Pots of herbs at the back door for easy picking

Origanum vulgare 'Aureum Crispum'


Thanks to Cathy at Rambling in the Garden for hosting In a vase on a Monday. You can visit here blog for more inspiration and vases.

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  1. I love the different shades of green and the varying textures of your herby vase - it must be lovely to have all those different varieties of mint! Thanks for sharing

    1. Thanks Cathy, I always think foliage colour is under rated, the smell is wonderful on the kitchen windowsill tonight.


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