A Welcome Break

Silhouetted trees from Whitmuir

Last week were on the first of our two weeks off, after such a busy summer and autumn with both businesses it is great to get a break. We have days out and lazy days planned, catching up with tasks at home and a greenhouse to dismantle and get to the nursery. Fortunately in the first week we had great weather, making it feel much more holiday like.

Autumnal fairy walk at Whitmuir

On Wednesday Bracken and I ended up driving all the way round the Pentland Hills. We headed up the west side to Linlithgow to have lunch with Betty and ease the boredom while she is stuck indoors with her plastered leg. Bracken did his usual Granny biscuits routine while I made lunch. We had a good blether and caught up on all the news before I headed along the north side of the Pentlands to check on the nursery. Once I'd done that it was all the way down the East side and home which is right on the very southern tip of the Pentlands. It was great weather for driving round in circles!

First frost of the yearr!

Pumpkin and squash soup

On Thursday we had a wee day out to Wooler in Northumberland, one of the bases for David's border reiver ancestors in centuries past. It was a lovely run down through the autumn colour of the Scottish Borders. We had a look around the shops, cemetery and antique shops (there are quite a few for a small town) before going for lunch in the Tankerville Arms in front of a lovely fire. The food was good and we even got a biscuit for Bracken (turns out dogs are allowed in the eating area, but I think that might have been chaotic with Bracken!). On the way home we stopped at the scene of the Battle of Flodden and took Bracken for a walk up to the monument. There were great views from the top north, west and east, there are longer trails you can follow but we were running out of light, it being that time of year. 

Ideal for having lunch infront of on a cold
November day

Battle of Flodden monument

Branxton church from the battle monument

Bracken watching out for invaders

David and Bracken, battle of Flodden

Making roast vegetable cous cous for dinner

Making Gooseberry Friands

On Friday it was back to the borders as David had a survey to do in Stow. We enjoyed another run through the borders and a lovely lunch in the Cloud House Cafe in Stow, a lovely wee cafe up by the post office. I had french toast, bacon and maple syrup which was very comfort foodish, the cakes and coffee were excellent to. We stopped off to do some food shopping in Galashields on the way home. We really should stick to online shopping as we usually do, far too many temptations and extras went in the trolley. I did also buy some christmas things, hmmmmm.

Old building details

Nature reclaiming derelict buildings

Autumn view over the Tweed Valley

Neidpath Castle, Peebles

Reducd to £3 bunch of flowers, still very fresh

Poppy cat went back to the vet on Saturday from a check up after her operation, she has the all clear and the results from the tests of the removed eye revealed no tumours, so all is well in cat world. After a coffee back at home Bracken and I went off to investigate a new local dog walk. It was a lovely climb through beech woods before heading up to one of the local small hills for great views of the borders. The track continues lowers down the hill, but being me I wante to get to the top, next time we will just walk around the track. After blowing off the cobwebs we headed home to tidy greenhouses, water them, give the bathroom a thorough clean then get ready for dinner out with my guy. We went to the Bridge Inn at Ratho, scene of our first dinner date four years ago. The food and service was as good as ever and we had a lovely evening. 

Walking up through the beech woods

Dead pines on the way up to White Hill

Looking towards Dunsyre

Bracken on the top of White Hill

Looking north east

Gooseberry Friands

On the kitchen window sill this week

On Sunday the forecast was good so we headed north west to the Trossachs and Loch Katrine. We stopped off at Loch Venachar to walk Bracken and I wanted to get some photos of lochs and autumn colour. There was a nice wee path along the shore for about five minutes or so to the next parking area with lots of huge acorns lying on the ground and crisp leaves to kick through. We had lunch in the cafe at Loch Katrine and then walked along the shore road for a while until David was feeling tired, he's still not over the virus and gets tired quickly. There was a chilly wind too, so we didn't linger. We came back by the tourist route through Aberfoyle to Stirling and home, a lovely day out.

Bracken of the Glen, Loch Venachar

Loch Venachar

Loch Venachar

David and Bracken, Loch Katrine

Loch Katrine

Loch Achray

Monday was dry and sunny if a tad chilly, well it is November after all. After a lovely long lie and then checking the nursery we headed to Gullane in East Lothian and the beach. I love the beach at any time of year and so does Bracken, he runss in huge circles (I don't) As always I ended up with a pocket of shells and interesting pebbles and Bracken chased his ball over and over. When we'd had enough and really were beginning to feel the chill we headed up to the main street in Gullane and a wee cafe for some lunch. On the way home we went into the builders merchant to order all the hard landscaping materials for the herb garden at the nursery, exciting.

Bracken on Gullane Beach having a great time

It's my ball


One man and his dog

Gullane beach with Fife over the water

Beach reflections

Tuesday and a lie in and some nursery paperwork done before heading out to visit Andrew and Linda for lunch, we had a lovely time catching up, good food, wine and company in front of the log burner, perfect.
We won't mention the first snow of the year on Tuesday night

It's been a varied, relaxing, very enjoyable first week, I'e loved getting out and about to different and favourite places. Looking forward to this next week and whatever relaxing holiday things it brings. Hope you are have a great week too.

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  1. We got snow last Tuesday night as well. Beautiful photos, as always :-) The landscapes are breathtaking, but my favourite was the picture of your kitchen window sill. Lovely!

    1. Hi and thanks, I love getting out and exploring this country, especially in autumn, my favourite season and bringing a little of that indoors to enjoy on the not so nice days :)


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