Food and Wrapping up for Christmas and holidays

Christmas present from the vet for Bracken

Wednesday was a cold and windy day as seems to be the norm these days so I worked through plants stacked up in the covered area for tidying and potting. In the afternoon David came over and we got more of the tunnel done, we must be about half way there by now. It's great to see it coming on, though I suspect the tunnel will be full of plants in the end! Lots of lovely new stock for next year. We've run out of sand for levelling though, so we'll have to wait until we order more and it arrives, but we're winding down for christmas so it will wait until after the festivities.

Progress in the tunnel, tree and shrub seeds in
trays to the left there

There's absolutely no getting away from Christmas now, the two photos above on the left are this year's new decoration, a large glass bauble with beads on wire in it. I like something that's a wee bit different. I've been doing a wee bit of prep every evening and I think we are just about there apart from last minute food shopping and kids presents to sort out on Christmas eve.

The doglet with his one of shame, we decide to sign it like a stookie, by the time he got it removed it was covered

On Thursday the mail brought us the new Scotland Gardens guide book for 2016, in which was our advert for the nursery, very exciting. Hopefully this will help bring new people to the nursery. I did the cafe flowers in the morning, adding in some blue spruce to add to the festive look.

Christmas Flowers for the cafe

Friday was a mixed day and a short day as I was going out in the evening with friends for christmas dinner, a good meal and great to catch up. On Saturday the weather was dry and not too cold, amazing! I got another chunk of willow weaving done on the bottom terrace and probably only have another couple of hours to go, then there's the row at the back to do. Inevitably the rain came on about lunchtime and I moved more plants across to the tunnel. I then stripping down neglected Crocosmia corms and potted plants in the covered area. It's nice to be able to finish early when the weather is bad or it gets dark, the down side is in spring and summer I'll be working 7 days and long hours, hey ho.

Festive decoration on the dining table

Festive foliage, cones and apples

One of the best ways to spend a cold, wet, miserable day is to be baking and cooking in a warm kitchen. On Monday I got all the mince meat pies made and the marzipan on the cake. I also got the greenhouses tidied, the house cleaned and beds changed for Christmas guests, so a productive day.

Making mincemeat pies

I like the ones on the left best

If you've read previous blogs, you'll know I do a lot of cooking and creating at Christmas, here's a couple of links to what I've done in previous years.

Home made Christmas
Christmas truffes

Tuesday saw us heading to the garage to collect David's new to him car, poor old green tanky had finally reached the end of the road, but at 207,000 miles, he had a good innings. We then collected Adam and did the Christmas food shopping, fortunately the store wasn't too busy and by dispatching Adam and Davd to collect things off the list, we did it in good time. Back for a rest before I headed to Lanark to pick up middle son Jamie from the train station for his christmas holidays. So now I have all my boys home, just missing Becky who we will see on Christmas eve.

I hope you are all well nd having a good week.

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