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I'm late, I'm late, this is last week, there is still this week to do and its the weekend already, where is time going? So what's been happening? We've been buy in the nursery potting plants and starting to put up the poly tunnel. David has made some lovely signs for some of the sales tables as you can see below. 

I've been enjoying creating lovely vases of flowers for the nursery
with a combination of garden flowers and wild flowers, I particularly like the
 wild carrot, Daucus carota.

We now have a wee selection of bulbs for sale in the nursery, some old favourites and
some interesting varieties

Tuesday was our day off again, so we decided to go into Edinburgh to the Gallery of Modern Art and see the exhibition by MC Escher. I've long been a fan of his work and was interested to see the art and history behind the man.

I used to take myself of and explore museums and galleries in Edinburgh regularly BC (before children) but then life gets busy and you get out of touch with things you used to like doing, so it was lovely to visit the exhibition with David and have another great day together. We also had a look at the Charles Jencks Landform, a beautifully sculpted piece of landscape architecture in the grounds of the main gallery building. I love the sweeping curves and inclusion of water where the shapes flow together. You can see more of his work here Charles Jencks

Charles Jencks Landform at the Gallery of Modern Art, Edinburgh
The gallery buildings, although old, have been fitted out in clean white walls and wood flooring, but retaining the original architectural features of the rooms creating a beautiful backdrop for the art. Sadly photographs are not permitted of the Escher exhibition but you can see his work here Escher

Onwards into the distance
David trying to make sence of it all
Looking up to the roof of one of the stairways, tiny little black leaves
add interest
Another iconic piece of art by Roy Lichtenstein
Sculpture in the gallery grounds

After visiting the gallery we enjoyed a lovely lunch in their cafe, the tomato and beetroot soup was fab, and then we gave in to chocolate browinies, well it is our day off after all. Walking back to the car we passed these great Artichokes flowering over a wall, the advantage of sheltered town gardening as opposed to our hillside gardening is sometimes frustrating,

Artichokes in the city

Another installation in the grounds of the gallery, and there won't be if I don't get some blogs written
and catch up with the million and one things on my various to do lists!

After our gallery visit we took Bracken for a walk along the water of Leith, the river that runs from the Pentlands, through Edinburgh to the River Forth. You can walk the whole length of it, I've cycled part of it a while ago now with the kids before from Balerno to Slateford, which was fun. Bracken enjoyed his walk, we saw a heron and enjoyed walking under the trees, seeing part of the city from a different perspective.

The water of Leith
In other news, the house garden plods on, autumn is definitely on its way and we'll need to think about heating for the greenhouses soon. The past week might have been warm and sunny but the night are cold. Daniel lifted the last of his potatoes, it's been great to grow some veg, and they were by far the most successful, as I mentioned in a previous post, the chances of beans, courgettes and tomatoes, etc are pretty non existant now. Hey ho.


  1. Lots of gorgeous plants and bulbs, an exhibition, a walk - and, yes, food as well! What's not to like about this post!

    1. Hi Jane, thanks for commenting, it ticks all the boxes doesn't it :)

  2. Oh, I really wish I could shop at that bulb daffodils are popping up all over the meadows at the moment...I love them. Interestingly we have lots of Scottish Thistle here in Tasmania but we are required by the DPI to get rid of it....not that everyone does. I love the vase of flowers....very talented, aren't you?

  3. HI Cath, thank you, I just do what needs done and it seems to turn out not too bad :) Interesting the thistles need to be removed, there are some species here that can be invasive, running underground on brittle roots that sprout everywhere they are broken. It is always interesting to see the variations in season all over the world, your Daffodils are sprouting, we are just planting ours. Have a great week :)


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