This August I am .......

I haven't done one of these blog posts for ages.

Making: Huge progress with the nursery as you will have seen in other posts

Cooking: quick, easy meals and the kids favourites while they are home for summer

Drinking: The best mochas from Whitmuir the Organic Place

Reading: Books about creating a wildlife garden, next project at the nursery

Wanting: to succeed

Looking: At how much we have achieved already

Playing: Still playing the Outlander series Soundtrack, love love love the music

Wishing: My sister didn't have breast cancer and have to go through so much

Enjoying: The very positive feedback we keep getting from customers

Loving: the positive people I am colaborating with at Whitmuir

Smelling: The sweet peas growing in the garden

Wearing: too many layers, such a cold summer

Anticipating: the future

Buying: books

Disliking: the unseasonally cold summer

Eating: Too much chocolate, it's a stress management thing :)

Planting: new borders in the nursery

Marvelling: at life's twists and turns

Wondering: just wondering

Feeling: worried about my sister, her operation and recovery


  1. I do wish we lived north of the border, such a beautiful place. It's still on the cards despite the recent house purchase! And next time we come up we'll try and visit your nursery.
    I hope your sister is managing OK. It's a horrible time and a horrible thing to happen. Sending all good wishes to you both and your loved ones.
    Sarah x

    1. Hi Sarah, thanks for commenting, it would be lovely to meet you if you made a visit. It's difficult being do far away and unable to help my sister, but she is in good hands, thanks for your good wishes x

  2. I think all you have done is a real achievement this summer, and I hope you've found some time to relax as well. I'm sorry to hear about your sister and wish her well.
    Cathy x

    1. Hi Cathy, I'm not good at relaxing, always so much to do! I am however taking a Tuesday off now that the initial setting up is done at the nursery and looking at a Monday off through the winter, so we can have some time together. I was standing this morning in the sun looking at my little empire thinking wow, look what we did in 8 weeks :) Thanks for the wishes for my sister, it's a waiting game, which is always hard, have a great week x

  3. I hope you are enjoy a bit of good weather Rona - it has been quite nice here this weekend.
    Wishing everything goes well for your sister. I must be a worrying time for you all.

    1. Hi Angie, thanks, yes its beautiful today, bringing lots of people out too which is great. Very worrying, but she is really positive, which I think helps.


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