A New Home for the Aquatic Plants

One of the things we are keen to do here in the nursery is recycle and reuse what ever we can to create interesting and useful things. So far the sales tables are mainly made from pallets and cable drums that were lying around the farm. One of the items lying around in the long grass of the nursery were seven black plastic troughs containing water plants that used to be for sale. 

Water troughs hiding in the long grass

David came up with the great idea of putting them together and creating a sales area for the aquatic plants. Not only would it be functional, but look good, and accesssible for frogs and toads. It was build from wood we had already and is strong enough to sit on. 

Building the frame of the water feature

Once the frame was made we positioned it, levelled out the soil underneath and then placed six of the troughs inside before filling them with water. 

Troughs in place

Filled with water and with the cross pieces on

Another thing we are keen to work with and encourage is wildlife. This fits in with Whitmuir Farm and David's ecology interests. Hopefully the frogs and toads will find their way back to the troughs and if they do there are ladders in place so they don't get stuck in the troughs. We are also planning a wild life garden on the lower terrace, where you can walk amongst the wild flowers looking for all the things we'll be hiding for small creatures to use. David is creating a 5 star bug hotel as we speak at the entrance. Over time we hope to put up information boards and print leaflets. Alot of families and children visit so it would be great to capture their imaginations at a young age.

A nursery frog, these guys are great

Frogs this way

The water feature within the sales area

Rain on water lily leaves

Repotted water lillies

Once the troughs were filled I repotted the water lilies and equisetum and they are now very happy and growing in their new home and should now sell. Next year we plan to add to the aquatic plant collection for sale.

Equisetum close up

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  1. I love garden recycling. Your nursery is going to be a complete delight to visit, and buy from. I've not been able to comment for a while, due to erratic computer function, but have been reading via my phone. We made a little nature pond in the garden several years ago, and it teems with life. It gives me such pleasure.
    Leanne xx

    1. Hi Leanne, it was great to see you back blogging when I managed to get some time to catch up on my blog reading. We have become so reliant on computers and technology some times, so it is great to step outside and be in amongst nature. Thanks re nursery, we have lots of plans and ideas, so its great fun to try them out, especially when they are recycled and cost little to do :) Wild life ponds or any pond done well is a real asset to the garden. Do you get newts? I love frogs and toads, and newts are fascinating too :) xx

  2. Delighted that I found your site, fantastic info.
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    1. Hi Richard, thank you for commenting and your positive feed back :)

  3. hey its just amazing, nice post thanks for sharing this

    1. Hi Mathew, thanks for your comment, we now have them full of new plants for selling this year :)


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