Huge Progress in the nursery

Time is going so quickly, there is lots to do but we are getting there tidying up the nursery area, the planted borders and working on the existing stock to bring it back to a sell-able state. It is tiring working seven days but I am really enjoying it and getting a kick out of running my own place. We've had customers and been working on marketing and spreading the word about what we are doing, where we are and our plans for the future of the nursery and gardens here.

Salvia in a recycled tin can

As well as the above jobs, I have been creating ideas and nice places in the nursery. The Salvia in the photo above sits with some old watering cans at the end of the potting bench where customers come to pay. Tin cans can be recycled into plant containers, this is an extra large one and I am pleased with how it looks. 

David hired a new toy for the weekend to burn of the weeds, he had great
fun, because we are on an organic farm we have to avoid chemicals

The big border at the entrance to the nursery got its back boards on last week which meant we could put the bark on so it didn't fall into the stream! The bark has really lifted the bed and plants look so much better now they have light, air and no weeds to hold them back. The bark will help suppress weeds and be easier for me to manage as well as making the place look good. It will also help retain moisture. Here is a blog I wrote on using bark in the garden two years ago.

Before the bark goes down

With the bark, which this week is now right up to where the trees start at the top of the photo

First we got these lovely hazel hurdles delivered

Then we put up these posts

Then we put the two together

The wind whips across the sales area past the office and doesn't do the plants on the sales tables much good so we decided to put up a screen. This will also hide the work area at the back and we wanted something robust and that looked good, so hazel hurdles it was. They were delivered in a few days and wired onto the posts, I am really pleased with how they look and now they provide a nice back drop to the seating area I have created.

A seating area for customers, with scented plants, plants with foliage interest and pretty flowers, you
can sit and admire the view over the gardens to the hills beyond. Today I added some pots of mint, the
scent is lovely

The guys have built more tables and I have filled them with tempting plants

There are now more tables behind with trees and shrubs

Looking up the track where I have been weeding another border and finding plants

We've had lots of this kind of delivery

Spreading the word

Colour on the sales tables

Yellows, blues and whites go well together

Our new leaflets were delivered this week

Next on the job list is to keep sorting out the existing stock, tidying the previously planted up borders and more marketing. David is also working on a project that will make a feature of the troughs that hold the water plants for sale. More of that later.

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  1. You have been working really hard and got lots done! It looks beautiful - if only I lived nearer I would definitely be one of your customers :)
    Cathy x

    1. Hi Cathy, thank you for youe lovely comments, we are passionate about what we do and determined to make it work, and are really pleased with what we have achieved already, may be you'll be up visiting our area one day and can visit :)

  2. What a lot of hard work but it is looking lovely.....all the best and hope the customers start flooding in. If I didn't live so far away, I would certainly visit!

    1. Thank you Cathy, we are tired, but it is a good tired, knowing we are achieving lots, and doing something we enjoy. We have lots more plans and ideas which will no doubt appear in a blog here soon :)

  3. what a huge difference already - well done, both of you. If you build it they will come! I certainly hope they do, in their droves Rona.

    1. Hi Angie, thank you so much for your kind comments, we had a busy day today, which was great, even just people coming up to have a look, who will come back and will hopefully tell others, we are getting so much positive feed back from customers, the people who own the farm and people who work there :)


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