And so the Nursery Adventure begins.....

Although we've been working on and off at the nursery for the last three weeks, yesterday (Monday) was my first proper day at "work" and on my own too. Faced with the long long list of jobs we have to do I made myself a coffee when I arrived (advantage of being the boss) and sat and sorted out some paperwork. Not only is there all the outside work laying out the nursery, tidying it and sorting out the plants, there is also the paperwork involved in taking over a business. After an hour of that and some phone calls I started outside. Because the existing stock needs a lot of work to make it sell-able again I bought in some new plants, lots of flowering, colourful plants that will draw people up from the car park. My first job was to price and set out those plants.

Filling up sales tables, we got these cable drums from Pete, the farmer and they make ideal tables,
recycling and a rustic look too 

I also started clearing through all the dead plants we dumped at the weekend when we moved all the stock to the far end of the top terrace. It's a bit of an eye sore so I wanted it all gone as quickly as possible. It's all about first impressions and appearances and healthy plants. The empty pots and trays were stacked in the storage area and the ground swept up, it looks much better now. It will take a wee while to get the nursery back up to scratch but it is so exciting and satisfying to be making a difference so quickly.

Working on the sales area with the office / shed behind

I picked a vase of wild flowers for my desk from the nursery garden to celebrate
my first day

A sub tenant we found at the weekend, a rather large frog, a fine fellow that we let go in the long grass

The sales area cleared and waiting on gravel and tables

Eldest son the engineeer sorting out the water issues

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  1. No going back now Rona :) What a welcoming sight those cable drums are with their wares. I am intending popping down when I'm on holiday a the end of July - looking forward to it.
    Good luck and hopefully footfall is plentiful!

    1. Hi Angie, thank you, we believe in recycling and the drums make ideal tables :) Look forward to seeing you when you visit, we'll have lots more done by then :)

  2. Oh so it's definitely happening now Rona. How positively exciting! Wishing you all the best with your new venture - may your nursery flourish!

    1. Thanks Anna, your good wishes are apreciated, although I'm working 7 days a week to get it all up and running, it is so exciting, I'm tired but it's a good tired :)

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