This May I am

Pelargonium scented 'Pink Capricorn'

Making: Plans and lists, more lists, to do list and shopping lists for the new business venture

Cooking: Rhubarb, a great crop this year, pies, crumbles and with custard

Drinking: Too much coffee

Reading: Piet Oudolf books, my favourite garden designer

Wanting: this cold I have had for 3 weeks to go away

Looking: Forward to being my own boss and a new chapter in my life

Playing: The Outlander series Soundtrack, love love love the music

Wishing: My eldest had something lined up after he finishes college in two weeks

Enjoying: The last couple of weeks of not working

Loving: the craziness of life

Smelling: My Auricula primula flowers

Wearing: jumpers and scarfs still! It's so cold for May

Anticipating: A lot of hard work to get my new business up and running

Buying: lots of things for the new business, tools, coffee cups and plants

Disliking: Waiting to get started

Eating: Too much chocolate, it's a stress management thing :)

Planting: Vegetable and sunflower seedlings

Marvelling: just marvelling

Wondering: At how the future will turn out

Feeling: Excited and terrified about our new venture


  1. I've been catching up with your recent blog posts Rona. What an eventful May you are having! Many good wishes for your new business. You must be so excited! Have you got a name for the nursery yet? I look forward to hearing more about it as time unfolds. Like you I'm fed up of wearing too many layers for May and keeping fingers crossed that it warms up soon. I hope that your cold is on the wane - you will need all your energy come June :)

  2. It's turning into an eventful year again Anna! We are keeping the nursery's exisiting name, Quercus Garden Plants, as it has quite a following and reputation. I need to set up a new website but for now there is a facebook page. I suspect I will be blogging about our journey as nursery owners. Yesterday was warmer and sunny today is colder and wet, I really need this cold as you say, won't have time for it come June!


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