Garden Bloggers Bloom Day May 2015

The weather continues to be wet, windy and chilly, with a couple of frosty nights, meaning the emerging potato shoots have been frosted, I really must get them earthed up. The early spring flowers are beginning to fade but the cold weather is holding the next wave of flowers in check. We are so desperate for some dry sunny and especially warm weather up here, come on early summer where are you?

Anemone trulifolia

Calceolaria 'Kentish Hero', this chap is still in the greenhouse and will be until the nights warm up a bit more

Corydalis ochlorureum, this one is in one of the alpine troughs, but does seed around in a well behaved manner

Epimedium x warlyensis, one of my favourite genus of plants

Euphorbia 'Wallenberg Glory'

Euphorbia polychroma

Melica nutans, a lovely fine grass that gets to 18" and moves beautifully in the breeze

Primula veris

Trachystemon orientlalis

Uvularia grandiflora

Violas and Tulips adding some colour

Meanwhile in the big greenhouse it's a riot of colour with my Pelargonium collection. Many of them are flowering already, including the new ones. Oranges, reds, whites, pinks and every colour in between compete to be the brightest and best.

Pelargonium 'Dolly Varden'

Pelargonium 'Rio Grande'

Pelargonium 'Westdale Appleblossom'

Pelargonium ardens, this is my favourite

Pelargonium scented 'Pink Capricorn'

Pelargonium stellar 'Arctic Star'

Pelargonium stellar 'Rookley'

Pelargonium stellar 'Vectis Glitters'

Pelargoniums in the big greenhouse

Echinopsis chamaecereus

Thanks as always to May Dream Gardens for hosting this gathering of blooming gardens.


  1. Delightful blooms this May Rona. The Melica has really caught my eye, it's a cracker isn't it. I've just bought myself some of that wee Anemone for the garden. Haven't quite decided where to put it yet - as with most things I buy!
    You've a varied collection of Pelargoniums, not a plant I am ever lucky with. I think I kill them with kindness!

  2. Thanks Angie, I cheated and put in a few greenhouse plants as the flowers up here are slow in coming out, it's still so cold. I have over 60 Pelargoniums now, so quite a wee collection. The Melica is worth growing as it likes clay soil and sun or light shade ans has those lovely flowers.


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