End of the month; February, short but long

My February

For all it's the shortest month it's felt very long to me. Not sure why that is: the lousy weather? Sad family news? Not getting everything done I'd hoped? I don't know. But with March on the doorstep at least we know (hopefully) the weather can only get better, the days are longer, there will be more colour in the garden and another month to do lots, see lots and see where life takes us.

Bulbine fruticos, Ophiopogon 'Black beard' and Galanthus nivalis 'Flore Plena'

I didn't think I'd get out in the garden this weekend, and with a day to myself, I had plenty time, (well not quite, I had the doglet for company). In the end the rain cleared on Saturday morning.  So I gave myself a kick, got the wellies on and went out to tidy the greenhouses. Once out it wasn't as cold as I thought it might be. I did a quick tidy of both greenhouses and gave them a water. I checked the trays of seeds I sowed last weekend and there is signs of movement. The purple sprouting broccolli are producing wee fuzzy roots.

Purple sprouting broccoli seeds sprouting

Bracken keeping an eye on things as
 I work in the greenhouse

After dealing with the greenhouses I continued to weed and cut back the moving troughs and top dress them with some soil. After moving and thinning out plants in the autumn, there were a few roots exposed and some plants sitting high, some soil sorted that out. I lifted more leaves on the patio and tidied the containers dotted about there. A couple more plants have come up that I can label and tick off on my database.

A different view of Galanthus nivalis 'Flore Plena'

Crocus crysanthus  'Cream Beauty' and Ranunculus 'Brazen Husy'

Some of the tidied and top dressed troughs

After lunch, it was drizzly so I abandoned the garden, feeling pleased with what I got done. I decided to attack my wardrobe and drawers in a effort to get rid of the last of the hangers-on that really should go. Having been in this house for 6 months and not worn those items, it really was time for them to go, not easy for me to get rid of things, but I am getting better at it. One bin bag filled, at least eight hangers emptied and I can move the hangers easily on the rail now. I shall take them to cash4clothes next time I am in Livingston and get some cash back for them.

Its nice to see the chickens are laying again, two eggs a day out of five is ok considering two of them are older ladies. I may get a couple of youngsters in the spring, something colourful to go in with out black rocks and rescue brown jobs.

Heads down, tails up, taken few weeks ago when we had snow

So in the end it was a nice Saturday, I got lots done, including some paper work and odds and ends I keep avoiding. I'm looking forward tomorrow and a trip to Hailes castle.

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  1. It's a blessing that February is only temporary and that we have now moved on to a more civilised month. A most striking collage and how exciting to see little seedlings breaking through. Magic!

    1. Hi Anna, thanks, so much for civilised, we've had a couple of inches of snow today, with more forecast over night and tomorrow, oh well, back to hibernating and garden planning.


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