This February I am

Making: yummy cake & muffins using blood oranges in this months Good Food magazine. 

Cooking: using my new recipe book bought for £4 in a local charity shop. It's Jamie Oliver's 
                 30 minute meals, the book is in pristine condition with a RRP of £26.00. I got a 

Drinking: All the flavoured hot chocolates and coffees we got for Christmas. 

Reading: Don Quixote, working my way through the top 100 classics. I've read Robinson 
                 Crusoe, gave up on Pilgrims Progres (for now).

Wanting: My sister to get through her cancer treatment as easily as possible.  

Looking: At Pintrest too much, lol. I discovered it this week, like I need another internet 

Playing: My way through my CD collection, now my stereo is fixed.

Wishing: Lots of things, for a better, kinder world, no cancer, a good future for my kids.

Enjoying: Sowing seeds in the greenhouse, haven't done that for a few years, I've missed it.

Loving: Our wonderful family David and I have created with our 5 kids and Bracken the dog.

Smelling: The Hamamelis plants at Larch Cottage Nursery, Cumbria when we visited.

Wearing: the 3 long sleeved tops I bought in the same charity shop as the Jamie O book. 
                  Each one was £2.75 and all were in immaculate condition and are very comfy.

Anticipating: Some exciting developments in the near future

Buying: Ferry tickets

Disliking: that cancer is blighting our family yet again.

Eating: A very nice cheese we bought in Cumbria on our weekend, Doddington cheese, 
              mature and subtle in taste, rock hard but well worth seeking out.

Planting: Vegetable seeds in the greenhouse. Some kale, red cabbage and broccoli.

Marvelling: At how mad bracken the dog can be, but so lovable too.

Wondering: Too many things to list here, lol.

Feeling: Very proud after Daniel's parents evening tonight. He has come on so much in so
               many ways. Academically he is working really hard and making good progress. 
               Socially and behaviour wise he has improved hugely, this is great considering his 
               Aspergers. All his teachers were singing his praises. I am a very proud Mum.


  1. Looks like a full and satisfying February. What's up for March?

    1. Hi, more gardening hopefully, day trips, hill walking, who knows :) as one month finishes I look back on the photos I have taken in that month and it's always a real hotch potch of different things, most of them unplanned :)

  2. I'm new to your blog - discovered it via your comment on mine (re Libertia). Looks like we have a fair few interests in common! I'm glad February is finishing, because I hate going to and from work in the dark and thus not seeing my garden.

    1. I used to feel the same, the only time I saw my garden was at the weekend! Now that the days are lengthening, we just need no more snow and a bit of warmth.

  3. Hey Quirky Bird,
    I have no time for February It's the most depressing month of all. I can't wait to be in the garden more, and sowing seeds in the greenhouse. I'm such a fair weathered gardener. Cancer is a total shit. My Dad is battling Non Hodgkins at the moment. It horrible seeing someone you love so much being laid so low.
    Here's hoping that you have a great weekend.
    Leanne xx

    1. Hi Leanne, it is the most miserable of months, I am glad it is over. I need warmth and sunshine and to be in my garden as much as possible, I am sorry to hear about you dad. I lost my Dad to cancer 13 years ago, it was so hard, and now seeing my sister go through it all, there is no end to it. I hope your Dad wins his fight. Have a good weekend too, we have awful weather, back to hibernating for me. take care x


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