This January I am ...

The Biggar hills this week

Making: Plans for holidays, days out and things we want to do and achieve this year.

Cooking: Lots of Indian meals using the Indian £5 offer box we got from Approved Food                          last month. 12 meal sauces, poppadoms, peppers, onions and chillies, a really
                  good deal.

Drinking: Hot chocolate, so nice when we get back from our winter walks.

Reading: The Rosie Project by Graeme Simeons, great read about a guy with Aspergers
                  trying to find a wife.

Wanting: Some decent weather so I can work in the garden again.

Looking: At how far I have come in the past few years.

PlayingToyah's album Anthem, reprising my angst teenage years (only the music!)

Wishing: The water would come back on, last week it was power cuts, now its no water!

Enjoying: Not having to go to work in very cold, icy weather.

Loving: Spending lots of time with David while I'm not working.

Smelling: Some very nice coffee David bought.

Wearing: My wonderful scarf and leather gloves I bought in Venice, so cosy.

Anticipating: The snowdrops coming into flower, soon I hope.

Buying: A beer making kit! We're making our own beer, something else off my bucket list.

Disliking: The cruel, horrible mess so much of the world is in.

Eating: Very healthily, determined to lose this excess weight and get my fitness back.

Planting: Ground cover Geraniums and bluebells at the entrance to our drive.

Marvelling: At how much I sleep these days, making up for all those years of not.

Wondering: How I will get on when I start my course in the summer.

Feeling: Nervous about going back to studying, see above.