This December I am

Making: lots of edible Christmas goodies

Cooking: up a festive banquet

Drinking: mulled wine and cocktails

Reading: Robinson Crusoe

Wanting: Another fabulous year like 2014

Looking: Forward to next years adventures

Playing: Christmas CDs (of course)

Wishing: Everyone a wonderful festive season and a Merry Christmas

Enjoying: Having all my boys together again

Loving: the wee things in life which are actually the most important things

Smelling: cinnamon, citrus fruit and Christmas trees

Wearing: My new cosy warm jacket I've wanted for so long

Anticipating: The chocolate chickens next visit!

Buying: Christmas gifts

Disliking: the violence, death and destruction man has inflicted on this beautiful planet
                   and its innocent people

Eating: Chocolate

Planting: Love, peace, goodwill and solid foundations for the future

Marvelling: At the contentment and happiness I feel these days

Wondering: What 2015 will bring

Feeling: Great sadness and heart break watching Malcolm my ex FIL and the boys 
                Grandad deteriorate so quickly. He will be a huge loss in all out lives.