The last days before Christmas

Christmas is nearly upon us, I'm running behind now, where I was so organised before. We've had a blow to the family. Malcolm, my ex's father, my Father in Law as was died on Sunday. Despite being divorced I have stayed close to my In laws or Out laws as I affectionately call them. My boys were also very close to their Grandad. So its been a hard knock for them. If there is a blessing, Malcolm's passing was painless, quiet and dignified and we couldn't have asked for more. The doctor gave him a few month at the beginning of December, but his body began shutting down on Saturday, at least he was spared the pain from his cancer as it took over. It will be a quiet and reflective Christmas and new year as his funeral is on New Years Eve.

Citrus fruit, a basket, cloves and some nuts

I love making this decoration every Christmas. The smell in the house is
wonderful with the combination of citrus fruit and cloves

Sitting  on pace on the coffee table in the lounge

With the Christmas tree twinkling in the back ground

I've still got to do the food shopping, marzipan and ice the cake and I haven't even got my wreath for the door made yet. We're going to visit granny tomorrow and spend some time with her. I am enjoying having my three boys home. Jamie the middle one came home early at the news of Grandad's death, he needed to be home with his family. Given the news from Glasgow today I am relieved he is here and not there as he lives just round the corner from the the tragic accident involving the lorry and all those poor people caught up in the incident. He frequently passes through George Square. My thoughts go out to everyone affected by the tragedy. Listening to the witnesses they will have to live with what they saw for a very long time.

Another home made decoration I did for the first
time this year. Four bags of wee chillis

Some thread and a stout needle

All strung together on red thread

In place in the kitchen

Cutting out lids for mincemeat pies

Making mincemeat pies

Lots of lovely pies for Christmas

Edinburgh is a beautiful city at the best of times but it really turns up
the charm at Christmas

We had a night in Edinburgh visiting the erman market and shows,
with burgers and waffles for tea and some mulled wine to eash it down,
it was a pleasant evening

Star lights on a stall, beautiful

The Dome, previously a bank, now a bar and restaurant

The Big Wheel, Edinburgh

Edinburgh Castle and Christmas lights