Sunday, 13 July 2014

Catching Up

Hello how are you? I really haven't blogged properly lately. Struggling to find time and motivation now the house and garden move is almost upon us. Two weeks on Monday we have to hand the keys over and over my time at Easter Mosshat will be at an end. Even thinking about it is quite sureal.

Sempervivium in flower
Everything in the garden has done so well this year after two mild winters and two good summers. The flowers on all the plants, especially roses are huge. I feel the plants are getting their revenge on me for leaving them by looking so amazing and growing better than they ever have.

Chionochloa rubra
What else is happening? We went to York last weekend to visit David's parents, taking stepson Adam with us. It was great to get away from all the packing boxes and visit Yorkshire again. We took everyone on the North York Moors Railway on Saturday. It was great to go there again after so long and now you can travel all the way to Whitby. It was a beautiful sunny day and we had fish and chips for tea and ice creams on the promenade. Of course bracken the dog came with us.

Bracken on the train

On the way home on the Sunday we stopped at the Angel of the North. Another thing ticked off my list of things to see. I've passed it several times but never stopped. Its an impressive piece of art that people either love or hate.

Angel of the North
The plants I have lifted from the garden are all doing well in their troughs and pots. I've moved the sprinkler up beside them to keep them watered in this unusual hot weather we're having here in Scotland. At last the Cautleya in the woodland garden has appeared, so tomorrow I will lift a piece to take with me.

The troughs before they were moved
A big challenge in the move was to move my alpine troughs. Yes there was the option to empty them of soil and plants but I really wanted to keep them intact. The new sack barrow wouldn't look at them, neither would a person at each corner. In the end we reverted to original technology as our ancient ancestors would have done .........

Teenagers and original technology
Today we finally managed to find something to sit out huge fish tank on. At the moment it is built into a shelf between the kitchen and sun room but in the rented house it will need something to sit on. David and I had some shopping time after a well needed long lie. We ended up getting a lovely solid oak side board for the tank for half price! I love a bargain. We also picked up some new camping gear for our future plans to travel more, and cheaply by camping and ticking things of our list of things to see and do from now on now we will have more time. Most of that we got half price too. After a lovely lunch it was home and a few more things ticked of the moving house shopping list.

The herb barrel
We've managed to rehome some of the ducks and chickens but still have 3 ducks and 5 chickens to find homes for. Its not something I am happy to do but we just can't take them all with us sadly.

Hope you are all having a great weekend.