Home made Christmas at Easter Mosshat

Every Christmas here at Easter Mosshat the kitchen and the house is full of the smells of spices, dried fruit and cakes baking. I love making and baking at any time of year, but there is something comforting about creating Christmas decorations with a twist and avoiding the overwhelming plastic tat that abounds nowadays. Here are few examples that are cheap and easy to do but which will add colour and natural scent to your home in the festive season.

A treat for everyone at work the week before Christmas. A Chocolate mint cake topped with festive candy canes and edible glitter!

Every Christmas I make about 10 different types of truffles for Christmas presents and for visitors to the house over the festive season. Its at least a days work but worth it to see everyone enjoying them.

Rum truffles and chocolate stars, part of this years home made truffle collection.
I have been making this decoration every Christmas for many years. I find it therapeutic to stand and make it amongst the heady scent of the citrus fruits and cloves.

Close up of the citrus and clove table decoration
This years spruce christmas tree, hung with decorations old, new and edible
Home made orange decoration for the tree, dried slowly in a cool oven for hours, then threaded with string. Back lit by the tree lights these decorations are cheap and easy to make.

Home made Gingerbread reindeer threaded with colourful string and hung on the tree.

Home made mincemeat pies filled with home made mincemeat which has been marinating for nearly three months.

Sweet and Scrumptious - lots of different cookie cutters and baking sundries including the reindeer cutter
used for the gingerbread tree decorations.
Sprinkles Shop - sprinkles of all shapes for every occasion, including the candy cane sprinkles on the chocolate mint cake.
The Bakershop - suppliers of all sorts of baking sundries including the edible glitter on the candy cane cake.

We would like to wish you a very merry Christmas and Happy New year from all of us at Easter Mosshat Gardens.