Monday, 17 July 2017

In a Vase on a Monday - Summer Roses

I've not got many roses at the moment as we are between gardens and one of these is growing in the garden of the house we are renting. Unusually I only know the name of one of these, the multi headed semi double red on the left, which is Rose 'Eye Paint'. It's still flowering madly in a pot next to the back door.

A vase for a sunny summer evening

I'm running out of vases to use as most are packed away in the attic, while we rent for a while. The thought of venturing into the attic to look for my vases fills me with horror, so it won't be happening. I've had this old stone bottle for years, in fact I can't even remember where it came from, it sits on the dresser usually, just waiting for it's moment of glory.

A scented bouquet of roses for mid summer

This lovely white rose is growing in the garden, 
I've no idea which variety it is but it produces plenty flowers 

The single pink is on a huge head of tiny flowers and I suspect it's a root stock of a cultivar that's grown from the base. The long, very spiny branches it's flung out this year certainly suggest it's a briar of some kind. The gorgeous, heavily scented dark purple on the right again has no name as it came with a piece of bamboo in a pot from a friend.

Rose 'Eye Paint' enjoying some evening sun

Mixing in a couple of ferns for foliage interest,
 Athyrium felix femima 'Frizelliae' and Athyrium felix femima 

Thanks to Cathy at Rambling in the Garden for hosting In a vase on a Monday. You can visit here blog for more inspiration and vases.

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  1. Wow that white rose is beautiful isn't it?

  2. How long do you expect to be in a rented property? It must be frustrating sometimes knowing you have all sorts of useful things packed away! Your available roses are so fresh looking and I especially like the dark one. I have several small inkpots but your stoneware pot must be much taller than most of mine - how tall is it?

    1. We planned two year, this is our third! Now we are looking at staying here for the next two so that my youngest can finish school, then we have more options on where we can move to. It is frustrating, especially where my plants are concerned as I took a bit of as much as I could when we moved, so I have a very large container garden at the moment! The vase is about 10 inches tall, perfect as a vase :)

  3. The white rose is exquisite. Lovely.

  4. I'm in love with that white rose.

    1. me too, I think its a Hybrid T, certainly has that growth habit

  5. I can feel your frustration but despite your difficulties you've managed to produce a lovely arrangement of roses. The white one at the front is stunning but the dark red one, Eye Paint, is gorgeous. I have a rose that keeps sprouting suckers and I keep removing them but I do wonder what the flowers would look like if I left it to do what it so clearly wants to do. Your stone bottle makes the perfect container and it could be interesting if you used it every week. The colour is so neutral just about any flower would look good in it.

    1. Eye Paint is classed as a shrub but can be grown as a small climber as it sends out long flowering stems. Perhaps find a large tree or hedge if you have one in the garden and let it scramble through and see what it does. This one of mine has vicious thorns so will be getting a good hair cut and then maybe I can see if it is the root stock or not. Great idea about the vase, maybe I should try that :)

  6. These are lovely, especially the white rose, and the container is perfect. I like your addition of ferns too. I love roses at this time of year and often wish I had room for more. I've just planted a 'Gloire de Dijon' which I bought last summer. It flowered, then seemed to die, but now it's sprouting from the root stock. Thought I'd wait and see what grows - like yours, a briar I expect x