Friday, 15 July 2016

A Week in Pictures

This week I've re-doing the sales area, moving plants about, bringing out new ones for sale and making the most of all the lovely summer flowering perennials, annuals and bedding we have available. There is still plenty time to plant up pot and containers, ad you will have colour and interest well into autumn. 

Roll up, roll up, get your Pelargoniums here

Mixed Pelargoniums

We have a selection of wonferfully scented roses

There is a new crop of piglets in the field behind us, all oinky, fuzzy and funny


Piglet nonsense

Last week's cafe flowers were a wild flower garden fushion, lots of colour around at the moment

A lot of the plantings are really starting to knit together this year,
I love this Hosta and Geranium combination at the bridge

The bees are loving the geraniums too

Nasturtiums are great for summer colour, plat them in tubs, pots, window boxs,
in borders, up fences, down bankings. They brighten up a salad and the
garden, experiment with different varieties

The first planting I did last year when we took over was the stream planting by our new bridge. It is really coming
together now and looks great after a weed and some more plants put in to fill in some spaces

On our day off, eldest, youngest and I headed into Edinburgh to the Museum of Scotland. This was one of my favourite childhood haunts, and as a teenager I'd quite often take the train into to town and spend hours wandering around here. I still love it, from it's grand architecture to the huge variety of objects, there is something for everyone.

I'll leave you with some photos from the museum, hope you are al well and having a great week, cheers for now.

A grand old lady, love this place

Fabric on display in the fashion exhibition

It's electric

Daniel's electric personality

Quote on the wall from the declaration of Arbroath


View from the roof terrace, planted up with Scottish natives

A Lego Museum of Scotland, how cool!

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  1. I think may of us spent a lot of our childhood in that wonderful museum Rona. I can't believe how much the stream planting has come on since my visit. David and yourself had just finished planting a section of it up and himself was busy mulching it when I came down for my visit to the nursery last year.

    1. How time flies Angie, I can't believe we've been there over a year already, and that its 2 years since we moved from my last garden and all the upheaval and heartache that involved. Always ever upwards and on wards. We have achieve an awful lot when I think about it, its mad :)

  2. I would love to visit Edinburgh, my husband was there last week but only at the airport. Definitely on my bucket list and even more so with the mini tour you have just given us xxx

    1. It's a lovely city, and surrounding area, but I am biased! Come visit! x