Thursday, 4 February 2016

Surviving the storms and reclaimed planters

Brrrrrrrrr, it's cold, windy and very wet again. The stream through the nursery was the highest I've seen it when I arrived for work on Wednesday. It rained all day except for a two hour window over mid day when I got some more leaves lifted. It was bitterly cold though and I reckon still a couple of hours of leaf lifting until the job is done. How ever we did get one job scored off the list today, when David came over at lunch time and finished the strimming. The terraces and bankings look fab for their hair cut, much more defined and this year's flowers should do so much better. I did more paperwork and got more potting done. This time working through shrubs that have been left out on the sales table. This means they can root through into new compost and I can fill up the sales tables with trees and shrubs potted last year. They should all do much better with new compost and a shot of fertiliser after sitting in the same compost for such a long time. After a belated burns supper of haggis, neeps and tatties followed by short bread and christmas cake we watched How to Train Your dragon 2. We watched the first one last Saturday, they are great films and all the boys joined us which was nice.

Despite appearances, the nursery was toasty and he had biscuits!

Thursday was a bit manic but productive. A great Whitmuir businesses meeting this morning, lots of things approved for action that will tidy up the car park and entrance for spring. Then a productive meeting over lunch with the Edinburgh Larder events manager Gill about weddings and what we can do towards a Whitmuir wedding package, including our own wedding. I got more trees and shrubs potted up in the afternoon. The weather , especially the wind is getting worse, as forecast, tomorrow is not to be good. Despite the weather over the last few days we've been busy lifting the leaves from the sales area and finaly finished the job, another job scored off the list. I've been clearing the tables in the sales area  and brushing them down ready for re-stocking. I also got some home made compost on the office border as a spring top dressing. It's all getting very busy and manic business and personal wise, but it is good.

Tables cleared, cleaned and ready for re stocking

Top dressed for spring, office border

We are being battered by yet another storm, we are now onto Henry! I don't remember such a stormy, wet winter as this, and I've seen a few! Fortunately there has been no damage at home or in the nursery so that's a relief considering the strengths of the gusts. It's a day of indoor tasks: ordering plants, pots, paying bills, scoring tasks off lists, potting and trying to keep warm. The pull up banner we designed and ordered arrived today and I'm really pleased with it. It is now sitting down in the cafe with our plant display until we need it for shows later in the year.

Our pull up banner

 I've also been trying out ideas with some of the items I bought in the reclamation yards and antique shops recently. With a combination of bulbs, pansies and moss, I'm really pleased with these. You can see them on the website page here: Nursery Shop I've put some down in the building with our display and sold a few already.

Pansies and mini Narcissus in an enamel bowl

Sempervivium in an enamel mug

A mini terrarium in a kilner jar with Echivera

Pansies and mini Narcisus in an old cake tin

Pansies and snow drops in enamel bowls

A non working day on Saturday as we are away to visit David's parents in Yorkshire later in the day, but first we went over to the nursery to put new flowers in the cafe for the coming week.  There has been some snow over night, enough to make the landscape pretty but not cause chaos on the roads.

A snowy drive to the nursery

This weeks flowers in the cafe

That's all for now, I'm starting to feel we are getting there with preparations for spring, if only we could get some dry weather to get outside and get the flower beds tidied. Have a great weekend.

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