Friday, 1 January 2016

Reflection for New Year

Happy New Year every one, wishing you a great new year and a happy, healthy and successful 2016. I've been reading my previous blogs I've done at new year to see if I succeeded in doing everything I'd hoped and where we are now compared to then. You can read them here: New Year 2014, .New Year 2015.

New year celebrations at Biggar, 2013

Again my plans are to continue the previous tasks of losing weight and getting fitter (I succeed then creep back to food, I love food, good food, it's comforting and social) but I have a plan to be able to enjoy the things I love and keep the calories under control. Saving money is an ongoing task, made more important by buying the nursery last year. By being careful we can improve the nursery and live comfortably too, it's important to balance our hard work with both businesses with time to do the things we enjoy.

A money tree, if only. A sculpture at Grizedale in the Lake district, taken when we visited two years ago

The previous New Years tasks re business have changed completely now we have the nursery. That is our main focus, to make it as good and successful as we possibly can. We have lots of plans, strategies and ideas to take it forward, it is equally exciting and terrifying but we are up for the challenge. You will no doubt read about our progress here as time goes on, but if you are in the area, do come and visit the nursery and Whitmuir, it's a great day out.

Sales area at our nursery Quercus Garden Plants

I also have some personal goals (apart from getting fit again) which are more to do with keeping the improvement to my more positive out look going and ironing out some wee glitches. There are many things in life we can't change (how people have treated us, circumstances, etc, etc) but we can change how we deal with them, let them affect us and move on and forward from them. It's not easy, as I know all to well, but it is possible and I am getting there. surrounding ourselves with positive, supportive and happy people makes a huge difference, as does removing as many negative things from our lives as possible. It's an on going job but it also means every one around benefits from a calmer, happier, less stressed person too.

New Years eve, being happy

One of the thngs I like about New Year is my new diary, silly I know, but I love opening the next years diary and clipping it into my filofax and then filling it in. It's the small things! It's always interesting to see how neatly it starts and is my usual scrawl by the end of the year! This year I have also bought a planner as I want to be more focused on achieving jobs and goals I have set out, I am hoping this will help me be more concise about what I do get done. We will see. I have also joined a group on Facebook to help work towards that, 100 day goal with The Business Bakery hopefully some support and interaction with fellow women in business will help me feel more confident about what I can achieve. It's about breaking the huge tasks down into manageable bites, to make life easier and achieve more. I am pretty good at that already but thought some interaction with like minded people would help, we'll see.

View from the summit of Carn Liath, munro, 2009

Some times the road seems long hard and never ending, there are junctions and cross roads, decisions to make. There are hills and mountains to climb, and dark valleys to walk through before we get to the light at the end.

I've found no matter how hard the walk or the climb the view from the top is worth the struggle. From there we can see new horizons and new roads to travel. What doesn't kill us makes us stronger, life is an ever developing experience that makes us who we are. It's valuable, unique and worth making the most of and living it as our life, how we want.

Je ne regrette rien

Have you any resolutions or plans for 2016? Whatever you plan I wish you well.

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  1. Hey Rona,
    How I wish your plant nursery was nearer! I enjoyed your post vey much. So much thought has gone into your plans and goals. I wish you every success for them all in 2016. I haven't started to reflect on 2015 yet, let alone look towards this new year. I have bought a new journal, but the pages are blank. I think I shall set aside some time tomorrow, and have a jot down of some of my personal goals. Weight always features highly. As does fitness. Perhaps I should be more creative about these goals and challenges.
    Leanne xx

    1. Hi Leanne, Happy New Year to you, I have spent a part of today filling in my journal and diary, setting goals and so on and have enjoyed the "me time", whether I stick to it all remains to be seen, perhaps that's a goal in it's self? I hope you have a successful 2016, sometimes its good to take one day at a time too and see what it brings us, wishing you health and happiness xx

  2. Hi Rona, Happy New Year! Your nursery looks better and better and I too wish I was nearer. Lovely to see such a happy photo of you, and some admirable sentiments and positive plans for the coming year.
    Cathy x

    1. Hi Cathy, happy New Year to you, hope you had a good festive season. If you are ever up in this area come and say hello. Yes one of my tasks for this year is to work on all that stuff I mentioned above and not let the silly stuff get in the way. Life is what we make it :) Have a great week :)