Monday, 5 October 2015

Awards, sunsets and a trip to Argyll

This weeks vase for my desk, making the most of those autumnal colours

We've had some fab weather for the past week or so, cool autumnal mornings (which I love), sunny days with clear blue skies. The days were warmer than anything we had in summer and very little rain or wind, it's been lovely. I had a proud mum morning last Thursday when my youngest was presented with an award at school for endeavour. He is in third year at high school and doing really well academically and socially. He doesn't let his Aspergers define him, it is only a part of him. I met granny there and we had a lovely hour being entertained along with the other parents and pupils. There were some musical and drama pieces by talented young pupils and then the long list of awards.

Me being proud (and small)

My favourite view on the way to work, looking down towards the Biggar hills

Nursery news continues with autumn colour everywhere, trees, shrubs, late flowering perennials, it might be October but there is still lots of colour in the nursery and gardens. Pick and mix bulbs for spring are still for sale and a lot of bargains to be had too. There is the reduced bedding, plants that have lots their labels looking for a forever loving home at £2 each and Acers still with 25% off. Come and grab yourself a bargain. Great retail therapy, lovely surrounding and views, friendly advice, benches to sit and admire the views and enjoy the peace and quiet occasionally broken by the squeaking of the cute piglets in the next field.

The nursery is full of gorgeous autumn colours at the moment. The Liquidambers, Acers, Cercidiphyllums and
Cornus are all coloured up and perfect for buying

There are also lots of bargains to be had as I continue to sort through the stock

The bedding plants are reduced to more than half price too, another bargain, they will make great house plants on a sunny window sill

I have been continuing with the re potting and propagating of the stock, digging over the entrance to the wild life garden and many other odd jobs. David is almost finished his work (apart from a few jobs) for the season so will be at the nursery more to get on with construction and anything else that needs done.

Before and after, can you tell which side has been re potted and propagated?

If you don't know what plant to buy some one as a gift, why not buy
them a gift voucher to use in the nursery

Here are those gorgeous blue skies I was talking about

These wee guys are in the field behind the nursery, 3 weeks old and very cute

They weren't cute this week however, as they got into the nursery one night and created havoc,
giving me most of a day re potting, replacing broken pots and labels and sweeping up spilt compost,
I was not happy

We've had some lovely sunsets recently and I've walked up into the field at the back of the house to get some photos down the valley. The sheep in the field are very friendly and come up and nudge my leg and follow ,]me, so I end up looking like the pied piper or little Bo Peep perhaps!

I was pleased with this one

The friendly sheep from the cheese farm

Great view down the valley 

Almost gone, fading to pastels

Then of course there was the lunar eclipse this week, I got back up in the early hours to view it,
was at the very limit of my biggest lens, but still fun to see it with David and Ben

Our day off arrived again, the weeks seem to be going so fast! This week David had equipment to pick up from a survey site in Argyll, so he, Ben and I set off for a day trip in beautiful weather. We drove up the side of Loch Lomond stopping off at my favourite place for a few photos. 

I love this view looking up Loch Lomond

My favourite

From Loch Lomond we headed to the Rest and be thankful and then down the side of Loch Fyne where we stopped off for coffee with friends who were staying in their caravan. It was lovely to sit in the sunshine and have a blether looking over to Inveraray. After an hour or so we set off to do the rest of the journey to Tignabruich. We found a lovely wee tearoom in the village for lunch. Soup, sandwiches, muffins and coffee went down very well. This is my third trip to this site and I love the street art and grafitti on the buildings. Sadly it will be demolished some time soon, from a safety point of view it needs to go, but sad to lose the art. We walked along the beach to get the equipment, it was so warm and with great views across to the Mull of Kintyre. 

Looking over to Tarbert

My favourite piece of grafitti in the site

Pointing the way


Of course no day out is complete without the fuzzy dog

Once the work was done and I had the photographs I wanted, we set of on the homeward journey, finishing off by using the Dunoon ferry to cross the Clyde. The water was like a mill pond with great views all around. A lovely way to finish the day before an hour or so drive home. There is nothing more beautiful than my beautiful Scotland in perfect weather.

The isle of Arran from the ferry

Looking south from the ferry

The return ferry from Gourock to Dunoon

A fishing boat on the Clyde

Driving back through Glasgow we were treated to a fabulous sunset

Crossing the Clyde again in Glasgow

Perfect end to a perfect day

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  1. Oh I enjoyed this post so much! Congratulations to your boy on his school award (how do they do that getting taller thing?) Your photos are stunning, especially the ones of Loch Lomand. I am hoping that we are able to visit Scotland next year in Betty. I have never been. Terrible, I know. Your nursery seems to be doing very well; all that hard work and effort is paying off. You seem very happy.
    Leanne xx

    1. Hi Leanne, thank you for your lovely comment, I don't know how they do that growing thing, good food from great mums I suspect :) I hope you do get to Scotland, it's a beautiful place (but I'm biased) and do come and visit the nursery if you do get north. Things are quietening down but it's that time of year and expected, but yes doing very well, and I'm enjoying it which is very important, the feed back we get from customers is really good. I am not a naturally happy person but have worked hard over the past few years to remove alot of very negative stuff from life which has made a huge difference and life is in the main very good now, I'd never have believed it was possible a few years ago, but there you go, the hard work has made an difference :)

  2. There certainly have been some wonderful sunsets lately, haven't there? Your moon photo is impressive, and worth getting up early for! I enjoyed accompanying you on your trip to Argyll. A few years ago on our last trip to Scotland we visited Loch Lomond, Rest and be Thankful, Loch Fyne and Inverrary - such gorgeous places, we had a great time. I still have a pot of heathers which I bought from a nursery on Loch Fyne in my back garden. Whenever we next make it up your way I shall definitely drop into your nursery - it's looking great. Well done to youngest too, a proud moment indeed.
    Cathy x

    1. Hi Cathy, thanks for commenting, it's been a lovely September into October, helping make up for the lousy summer. I'm glad your heather is surviving, a lovely memento from your trip, it would be lovely to meet you if you visit. Inverary is lovely at any time of year. All my boys have done well, especially dan who copes with his aspergers very well, very proud of him. :)