Thursday, 17 September 2015

Last week, a trip south, new piglets and flowers

I'm still a week behind, this is last week, it's been another busy week. Late summer flowers are still looking lovely, and we have a great choice for sale in the nursery. Sanguisorba, Heleniums, Monarda and grasses really add something to the garden at this time of year. At home in pots on the patio Agapanthus are looking fab with their startling blue flowers adding a bit of exotic along with Eucomis and Cautleya.

Agapanthus 'Glen Avon'

Pelargoniums are doing their thing in the greenhouse, this is one of my
favourite, P. sidoides, a specie and very striking

I've also been photographing poppy seedheads as they dry

Although there are still plenty flowers to choose from in the gardens and nursery I decided to go with a real autumn colour theme this week. Runbeckia, Solidago, Crocosmia, golden Oregano, Sanguisorba and Leucanthemum work really well together as you can see below.

A bit of autumn bling on my desk this week

Other news on the farm at Whitmuir are two new sets of piglets, this is the first litter that were born last Friday, a pile of orange spotty piglets, they are so cute.

Piglet pile up

Cuteness overload

Mum and her babies

On the terraces in the nursery the wild flowers are really going over now, leaving lots of seed heads which look great amongst the grasses. I really like Daucus carota, the wild carrot. I like the way the flower heads curve in on themselves as they begin to set seed. I managed to get some photos earlier in the week.

Daucus carota, wild carrot

Daucus carota, wild carrot beginning to set seed

In the nursery progress to get the new poly tunnel up before winter is underway. David has all but six ground tubes in, the plastic and other bits n pieces are ordered and the track into the tunnel has been started too. We need to have it up before winter to get young plants under cover.

Putting in the track into the poly tunnel, it will sit between the fence to the right and the farms tunnels (in the photo)
Last Tuesday on our day off, David and I headed south to the Four Oaks Trade show, mainly to give David an idea of what is available in Horticulture. It's ok for me, I know like the back of my hand, but its all a bit new to him. We had a good journey south, stopping off at Penrith and finally getting to the architectural yard where we picked up some great finds for the nursery, more of that later.

The sun was shining over Shap

We spent a few hours wandering around the show, had some lunch and enjoyed rummaging in the Indian antique centre. The we were homeward bound, this time stopping at Tebay services for something to eat. Of course appart from being one of the best services you also have to visit the Farm shop, look at the pies and cheese and buy the pies and cheese!


Sunset over Dumfireshire

So what did we buy in Penrith? This little lot here, I've put them together in a little display with some flowering and foliage interest plants. I am really pleased with the results.

A barrow, a milk churn and a a beer crate  that hasn't made it into the picture yet

Flowers against a rare blue sky

Two miles of string in this lot apprently

The beer box which still has the sectional insert, ideal for holding 9cm pots of Molinia!

That's been our week, the weather has been very mixed again, but I've plenty potting and website building to do when it rains and work outside when the sun shines. I  am enjoying meeting the owners of The Edinburgh Larder who are now running the cafe, Eleanor and her team have some great plans and ideas and I'm looking forward to working together with them on some projects. There are also wedding plans afoot ........Have a great week.

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  1. Love the of my very favourites!

    1. They are great plants, I have to grow them in pots here and put them in the greenhouse in winter.