Thursday, 14 May 2015

This week ............ so far

I haven't done much this week apart from being under the weather with a cold that hangs around making me feel yuk, neither going or getting any worse. The weather at the beginning of the week hasn't helped either, being wet, cold and windy, so Bracken and I have hibernated. I did however step outside then back inside into the greenhouses to pot up the Pelargoniums I got back in March. When they arrived I potted them into 9cm pots which they have now filled, so I have re potted them into 2 or 3 litre pots depending on size. The rest of my Pelargonium collection are looking great and a lot of them are flowering already. That side of the big greenhouse is riot of colour.

Lots of colour in the big greenhouse

Pelargoniums have come through the winter well

New Pelargoniums potted up

Pelargonium Rubricinctum x Cordfifolia

Pelargonium 'Patricia Andre'

Tuesday, well Tuesday didn't really happen, a lot of it was spent sleeping, and when awake editing photos and feeling either too cold or too warm. I also ate my last creme egg. 

Wednesday dawned warmer and some sun at last. I mustered up the enthusiasm to take Bracken for one of our local walks. We have gone from doing this every day to not at all lately for one reason or another. We both enjoyed the 4.5 mile circuit walking up the hill to the local school and back. After some lunch I spent a lovely afternoon pottering around in the garden, weeding, tidying and labelling more plants as they come up. It's nice to see the next wave of flowers coming up, early summer flowerers in bud as the spring ones begin to fade. Lots of lovely foliage coming out too as you can see in the photos below. 

Apple mint looking really lush in it's bucket

Armeria juniperifolia 'New Zealand Form' in alpine trough

Berberis thunbergii 'Aurea'

A purple parrot tulip

Forget me nots in the trough are still looking great

Golden marjoram looking good

Molinia caer. Subsp caer. 'Variegata'

Thursday was sunny and warm, yeh! Bracken and I walked up to the local village and back. It was warm and there were loads of lambs in the fields, and some quite young ones again. After lunch David and I went to Biggar to do the food shopping, get petrol and then we nipped up to Whitmuir Farm, the organic place to look at a few things. It has a lovely cafe, gallery and farm shop and you can walk around the farm and see the animals, they farm organically and the food in the cafe is excellent,  but more on Whitmuir in a later blog. By the time we'd got home and done all that it was time to cook tea: a sausage and lentil casserole made from stuff in the house, so effectively a free meal.

It's a lambs life

I love all the fresh young leaves at this time of year

Everyone say awwwwww

I treated myself to a new book this week, by Piet Oudolf and Noel Kingsbury. I love Oudplf's garden design and use of plants, I have several of his books and this is a great addition and will come in very useful over the next few month in my new venture. What is this I hear you ask, well until absolutely finalised tomorrow I can't say, but as they say, watch this space, some very exciting news and changes coming my way.

A new book to add to my collection

Thank you for reading my musings

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  1. Hey Rona,
    I hope that this sees your cold in retreat. I can't abide colds. And I'm very intrigued at your upcoming plans for the garden! Have a great weekend.
    Leanne xx

    1. Hi Leanne, it's still lingering :( Not so much the garden as a job! As you might know from my blog I've taken a year out this year, but have been given a very exciting offer, hopefully after tomorrow I'll know for sure :) It's both exciting and terrifying! Take care xx

  2. I have this book too and must make inroads! :)

    1. Hi Anna, I have had a quick look through, but need time to read it in depth :)