Saturday, 4 April 2015

This week winter came back and I hibernated

Every day this week we have had strong winds, rain, snow, sleet and much colder temperatures again, brrrrrrr! Needless to say we didn't fancy a day out in weather like that, so we've caught up on paperwork, planning for this year, sorting out photos and taking it easy. 

My new double Primula and snow!

New Pelargoniums I received last week, all potted up

We had some excitement on the bird table twice this week, it's become a bit addictive watching the birds that come, and I've had my camera on the tripod a few times at the lounge window. Our first unusual visitor at the start of the week was a Yellowhammer, this bright wee chap at first glance looks like a canary. He spent quite a while feeding around the bottom of the birdtable and has come back a few times over the week, bringing with him Mrs yellowhammer on a couple of occasions.

Our Yellowhammer in the hedge

Yellowhammer under the birdtable

On Wednesday morning we ventured to Whitmuir Organic farm for a couple of things and a coffee, it was so cold, raining and wintery we headed back home after we had finished there. It would have been nice to go and see the new lambs, but we were so cold.

Broad beans are sprouting in the heated greenhouse

Here in the garden, despite the weather, there is lots happening. In the greenhouse the seeds I sowed are germinating and will need pricked out soon. The Red cabbage, Kale and Purple Sprouting broccoli are shooting away and will need to be hardened off soon. The beans as you can see are looking healthy, I love how they germinate, slowly raising their heads.

Runners beans are on the move

Outside, the moving troughs and pots are bursting into life. It is great to see all my plants coming away and having survived the move last year. A lot of spring flowers are in suspended animation, because of this weeks cold weather, just waiting for some warmth to finally burst into flower. Anemones, Hellebores, Cardamines, Primula, Daffodils and Pulmonarias will be looking fabulous next week.

Cardamine kitabilli, a lovely woodlander

The Rhubarb is sprouting, not sure we'll have enough for a pie this year as they recover from being split and moved

The other great bird table excitement was a Greater spotted Woodpecker! This beauty took us by surprise, David happened to glance out the lounge window and there he was on the fat ball holder. Of course by the time we'd crept up to the window it was gone, but she, it turns out has been back several times and once when I had the camera on the tripod. Excuse quite a few photos, I was really pleased to see this bird so close. I've seen them high up in trees before but they are shy and wary birds.

Great Spotted Woodpecker

Great Spotted Woodpecker

Great Spotted Woodpecker

Thursday saw me getting my hair done, a bit of pampering which is a nice treat and then I did some Easter shopping in the book shop and gift shops in Biggar, always nice and being much closer is great for shopping in the wee independent shops, important to give them business and keep them going. In the evening we had dinner out, meeting up with my sister and her family who are up on holiday for a week. They live in Birmingham so we don't get to see them very often, my nieces and nephew grow so much in between times. My two boys that don't live at home met up with us too, so it was a chaotic and lovely time with all the cousins.

So now it's the Easter holidays, we've gone from three to five with my eldest Ben home from college and stepson Adam through for a week. It's eldest's 21st next week (scary, where did that time go?) and we are going to have some days out, the weather is looking not bad so fingers crossed.


  1. I'm following you since last febrary and I love your wonderfull photos! Dont you have problems in your veg plot with all these birds?

    Regards from Italy!

    1. Hi Enrico, glad to hear you are following and thanks for liking my photos, it's a big part of what I do. I have more of a problem with my neighbours cats and our dog Bracken in the garden. I am planning on covering the mixed veg bed with netting and see how that works.

      Have a lovely weekend :)


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