Saturday, 28 March 2015

This March I am

Amazing reflections on Talla Reservoir

Making: the most of some lovely sunny spring days in the garden.

Cooking: Rye bread with flour bought when we were at Little Salkeld Mill last month.

Drinking: Coffee with chocolate syrup in it.

Reading: Wedding planning books!

Wanting: my children to be happy and achieve what they want in life.

Looking: Forwards and not backwards.

Playing: the new album by Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds, loving it.

Wishing: for peace, understanding and tolerance in the world.

Enjoying: Being surrounded by the love and good wishes of our family and friends.

Loving: Being in love and being happy.

Smelling: My new almond soap.

Wearing: My beautiful engagement ring.

Anticipating: A very busy summer.

Buying: A massive amount of celebratory cheese for David!

Disliking: That oldest son didn't get the apprenticeship he set his heart on.

Eating: Chocolate, of course, one of 3 boxes I got for Mothers day.

Planting: Violas and Primulas in pots on the patio for some colour.

Marvelling: At how having the right people in your life make such a huge difference to life.

Wondering: At how things fall into place and do things happen for a reason?

Feeling: Excited, nervous, worried, happy.


  1. A very positive list Rona - congrats on the Engagement, saw your announcement on FB. :)

    1. Hi Angie, thank you, yes its been a tough few years, but that's all in the past, its onwards and upwards now, and if there is difficult times to deal with, I have a wonderful supportive person at my side :)