Monday, 16 March 2015

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day March 2015

We are still a bit sparse with flowers here at the south end of the Pentland Hills at 750 feet above sea level. There has been a lot of rain lately, but over the weekend we had a couple of dry days. The temperature climbing to a balmy 5C on Saturday when we were working in the garden. The snowdrops are still looking ok but are starting to look tired. But there are other things coming up ready to take over. Crocus, the first Daffodils, Hepaticas and Hellebores. You can read about snowdrops here and here and Hellebores here.

Daffodils, snow drops and hellebores still in bud

Corydalis malkensis, a beautiful tiny plant with reddish stems and
wonderful creamy yellow flowers. I grow mine in one of my
alpine troughs where it is growing and spreading very happily

A wider shot showing Corydalis malkensis

Crocus 'Cream beauty' again in one of the alpine
troughs, these bulbs have been in this one for
nearly 15 years and bulk up a little more every year.
They give a bright spot of colour on the patio at the

Helleborus x hybridus White spotted double, the only one of my Hellebores
flowering so far. I selected this one from a nursery I was visiting a few
years ago. It bulked up very well and I was able to take a large chunk of it
when we moved last year

A close up of Helleborus x hybridus White spotted double taken with
the macro lens

Hepatica noblis, again in an alpine trough. This
plant is an old friend, I got it from the first garden I
ever worked in when I left school and began my
gardening career, that was 28 years ago!

Hepatica noblis taken with the macro lens

Mant thanks to May Dream Gardens for hosting Garden Bloggers Bloom Dat


  1. A beautiful Hellebore. I bought some this year, and love how they dazzle when the sun shines on them.
    Leanne xx

    1. Thank you, there are so many different shades and varieties these days. There is supposed to be a new collection where the flowers are upright and easier to see, rather than the traditional style, but I like the ones that hang down and the delight when you turn them up and see if they are doubles, spotted and so on.

  2. Beautiful blooms, especially the Hepatica.

    1. Thanks, the hepatica is a beautiful blue, I might get some different coloured ones in the next garden, they are on my huge list of plants to get!