Friday, 27 February 2015

Not a shred of gardening was achieve this week

There has been no gardening in the Quirky bird in between garden this week. We have had snow showers most days, though thankfully it hasn't lain. It's rained, been windy, chilly and just a bit miserable. The dog and I have only had one walk this week instead of our daily march up the hill.

View from our walk on Tuesday, another snow shower blowing in

Crocus emerging in the garden

Thankfully we are at the end of February and the days are lengthening. I can hear the birds singing their wee hearts out in the morning as I lie in bed planning the day ahead. The Snowdrops are out, the Hellebores are thinking about it and there are a few tentative Crocus flowering.

Another sprinkling of snow

There has been much planning and discussion of future trips, holidays and other exciting things in the pipeline for this Quirky bird, which will no doubt pop up here as they come round. Watch this space as they say.

I needed colour and something to photograph
so I treated myself to some Tulips

They are sitting on my desk
where I can see them as I work

I had the opportunity to go on another bat survey, this time underground at another disused mine this week. That was a really fascinating day, if tiring, surveying two mines. We found seven bats over the two mines, but there are sure to be plenty more where we can't see them.

A collage of my visit down 2 mines on bat surveys this week.
If you click on the photo it enlarges it to see the detail

 That's pretty much it for this week, a week of hibernating, catching up on paperwork and other boring things. I have completed my enrolment with Manchester Metropolitan University to do my course, starting in May. I am excited and very nervous about it, but it will be interesting and good to learn new skills and meet new people. The thought of studying after so long is slightly terrifying! Because it is plant based it will give me lots of new subjects to talk about here too.

Here's what is flowering in the Quirky bird garden this week:

Arum italicum 'Marmoratum'
Galanthus nivalis 'Flore Plena'

Galanthus nivalis
Hepatica noblis, I've had this plant as long as I've been in
horticulture. I was given a piece from the first garden
I ever worked in, Inveresk Gardens, Musselburgh

Mixed unknown crocus

I'm off to have a warming coffee. Have a good weekend, I hope it relaxing and fun, meanwhile here, the cats have the right idea!

Meanwhile the cats have the right idea!

A very warm and snug Milly


  1. I love the first photo, with the layers of grey hills stretching into the distance. Very atmospheric! What is in the black plastic crates, visible in the "sprinkling of snow" photo?

    1. Hi Mark, the crates on the patio and above on top of the wall contain all the plants (some 1100+) I lifted from my last garden, I moved from last year. its a bit of a long sad story which features in some of my blogs last year. To cut a long story short I used to have a beautiful 2 acre garden i developed from nothing over the past 15 years around the house my ex and I built, it was to be my life project. My ex left me and the kids for someone else 4 years ago and last year I was unable to keep my home and had to sell it. For now my partner and I are renting until we find our perfect home and garden. So I am container gardening on a large scale! There are positive things to come out of all this, thankfully, its all a bit of a journey really but I am determined it gets better.

  2. Hi Fiona - nice to find your blog. You are in my home country - well Whitburn/Armadale, but close enough. Enjoyed my quick read through seeing all the things we have in common, sadly including cancer, which my husband is being treated for. I bought tulips today also. Looking forward to following your journey xxx

    1. Hi Jacqui, thanks for stopping by. Definitely close enough in the grand scale of things. I've read a couple of your blogs about your husband's treatment. It's a scary sobering time. Enjoy your Tulips, mine will be photographed until they are petals lying on my desk, take care x