Thursday, 8 January 2015

Tidying Greenhouses and mandarins, lots of!

Although the weather was cold and showery today, some of those showers being snow, I went out to the greenhouse to do a bit of tidying and watering. It;s important to keep on top of dead leaves and flowers at this time of year, especially if showing signs of botritis.

Bracken watching the snow showers
while I tidied the greenhouse

Bulbine fruticosa still flowering from August
It's not always possible to air the greenhouses in winter so plants are much more susceptible to diseases and dying back. Regularly cutting off of affected leaves and plants parts and ventilating if possible helps reduces damage.

Mildew damage on Pelargoniums

It makes good greenhouse hygiene to keep all dead
leaves and flowers swept up and picked off

Pelargonium 'Vectus Glitters'

Good greenhouse hygiene is important. Sweeping up of leaves, etc when you have finished tidying also helps. If there are alot of badly affected leaves, etc it is better to burn or bin them rather than put them on the compost heap.

Succulents and cacti give a good display all year round

You've probably heard me go on about the Approved Food website before. I get a delivery from there once a month, what we get varies on what they have in stock.On average I save at least half on the RRP, so an order that would have cost £100 can cost £40 to £60 depending on what I order. A lot of the products are past date but an awful lot are dated this year or longer and those are the ones I buy. There are a lot of case / outer products vastly reduced and if they will keep and we will use them, I quite often buy those.

Our delivery this month included a massive tin of Mandarins, 2500g of them, reduced from £7.50 to £2.98. I will be putting them in jellies and several puddings.

In an orange jelly for tomorrow's dessert

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