Monday, 24 November 2014

Glasshouse Winter Preparation Complete

Another weekend gone and it was a good one. The weather was dry and warm (ish) for November. On Saturday we had some errands to run in our local town, so after breakfast we jumped in the car with Bracken. Our plan to walk every week day is going well, but because we didn't walk on Friday we decided to do one whilst in Biggar. This also means I don't get too bored doing the same local walks all the time. If we are out and about we are going to try and build in a walk where ever we are.

Walking along the old railway line from Biggar to Broughton

We parked in the long stay car park at the back of the Main Street in Biggar and walked along the side of the wee stream that runs through the town. The path takes you behind Biggar High School and beside the Golf Course and onto the disused railway. This old rail track beds runs all the way to Broughton and then onwards towards Talla. We walked for about two miles and then turned back, it made a nice relaxing flat walk and Bracken had a great time exploring somewhere new. 

Old railway bridge

We're thinking this might make a nice linear walk when the railway mad offspring are home at Christmas, taking one car to Broughton, and then driving back. Maybe even coffee and cakes at the tea room in Broughton, sounds good to me. Any way back to this walk, there are still lots of railway features in place including the metal bridge above. The station platform and signal box are still in place back in Biggar and we will investigate them on another walk. 

Rose leaves still hanging on

Because the weather has been so mild there are still plenty berries and rose hips in the hedgerows. Lots of fat juicy rose hips shining in the sunshine. I am sure once the cold weather does appear the berries will disappear, but for now I am enjoying having them to photograph on my walks.

The birds haven't touched the rose hips or
 Hawthorn berries yet, its been too warm

After our walk and some lunch back in the house we tackled finishing the wee greenhouse now we have all the glass. This was quick and easy as I didn't have to wash the new glass and the panes of glass slotted in nicely. We also put the bubble wrap up straight away, and then its done. This gives an extra layer of insulation for when it gets really cold. Although expensive to buy initially, its worth the investment. I bought bubble wrap for both greenhouses 20 years ago when I first got them, and I am still using the same bubble wrap. Every spring once it gets taken down, its gets folded into sacks and stored in the potting shed. Toasty warm plants. I now have two completed fully functioning greenhouse, stuffed full of plants for winter. The heater has been switched off again as it isn't nearly cold enough yet, this is great as it saves gas and there for money. 

New glass ready for fitting

On edge!

I've a few odds and ends of plants in smaller pots to be brought in, but that's the bulk of the winter preparation done for this year. I still need to tackle new covers or cloches for the alpine troughs before the weather gets too cold and wet. Hopefully this week I'll get those last pots in and some other wee jobs caught up with out in the garden if the weather stays dry. 

Everything in and tucked up for winter
in the big greenhouse

Last of the plants into the wee greenhouse

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