Sunday, 30 November 2014

Where is the time going?

Its the end of November 2014 already and another week has flown by. We'll be sitting down to Christmas dinner before we know where we are. It's been a busy week and I am beginning to wonder how I had time to work. The weather hasn't been great, so not much gardening has there been. Not as many walks either after such a good start last week when I walked 32 miles altogether, wow! On Monday I was feeling a bit shattered after our long walk on Sunday, so the dog and I had a lazy lie in morning, verra indulgent. Then it was on with domestic chores: no rest for the wicked; but one clean and tidy hoose and a local walk to Walston and back when David got home. It was certainly chillier, but nice light down the Dunsyre Valley.

Looking down the Dunsyre Valley on our Monday walk

On Tuesday I squeezed in some gardening before and after coffee and a catch up with Gill. Another great thing is having the time to meet up with friends and catch up. It wasn't too cold as I rummaged through our garden ornaments that are stored away and brought some of them out to dot about the patio. They always cause comment, especially the 'Bracken bum'! It makes it feel a more like home having them there. I also listed everything in the wee greenhouse to double check its on my plant data base or not. I will be doing the same with the big greenhouse. I then hunting for the plants I lifted and brought but haven't found yet. I suspect most of that job will have to wait until spring when they start appearing in the troughs again.

My lizard from Arizona

Mossy frog blending in with the stone wall

The Bracken bum!

Tuesday's walk was the circuit up to Walston school and back. It was an overcast afternoon so no real views to be had. There were however some dead thistle heads that I then played around with on the computer once I got home. 

Thistle leaves in Infrared

Black and White Thistle heads

Xanthoria parietina

Wednesday saw us in Glasgow visiting middle son who is at uni there. He's settled in very well and making lots of friends. He did of course need food and what better time to get it when Mum is through to give a helping hand (with bank card!) We then took him out for lunch, going with his suggestion of a restaurant he'd seen on Vincent Street. When he mentioned it was a burger place, I thought oh here we go. But since it was his treat we went along with and are glad we did. Bread Meats Bread is no ordinary burger restaurant. It has burgers with imagination and they were fabulous too. Not too expensive and the service was quick. I'd thoroughly recommend it if you're ever in Glasgow centre and in need of feeding. I had the pulled pork burger and it was melt in your mouth delicious.

Christmas cake in the making

The Christmas cake is now made and stored away, ready to be fed with brandy every so often. The mincemeat is also done and packed in jars. I have used the same recipes for these for over 20 years by the renowned Dehlia Smith. I am beginning to give in to Christmas as the trolley when I did the food shopping was showing, a few bits and pieces for stockings and gifts, wrapping paper on offer and so on. I like to pick up a few things every week as time goes on. 

Mincemeat packed in jars

Friday was a lunch date at a local garden centre with my friend Sarah, a fellow photographer and gardener. It was good to catch up in person and swap notes. I also bought some Christmas decorations, well two lovely metal work hearts and stars. I always buy a new ornament every year. 

Unfortunately we only walked Monday and Tuesday this week and with a busy weekend coming up there won't be any opportunities then either. So next week it is back to walking every day and gardening if the weather allows.

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