Wednesday, 19 November 2014

This November I am

Making: good home made food because I have the time now

Cooking: Cobnut meringues with cream and chocolate sauce for dessert
Drinking: Raspberry flavoured Cream soda from Barrs, its goooood
Reading: The Empty Throne by Bernard Cornwall, one of my favourite authors
Wanting: to climb a mountain again
Looking: at the views as I walk every day
Playing: The radio when I'm in the car
Wishing: I had got the grass cut before it got too long and wet
Enjoying: my boys' progress in life
Loving: life
Smelling: roast beef and gravy
Wearing: Cosy jumpers and scarfs

Anticipating: Christmas 
Buying: ingredients for christmas cake and mincemeat
Disliking: the state the chickens have got their run into
Eating:  healthily
Planting: a prairy bed in the front garden
Marvelling; at how well Daniel is doing at secondary school
Wondering: How life turned from being so awful to so good
Feeling: content

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