Saturday, 13 September 2014

Creating the Herb and fruit planters

One of the things about gardening I really like is producing food and useful plants. It's not just about the lookers and pretty ones, there is always room for the clever, creative and useful ones too. So what to do in the In-between garden? There is a weedy corner at the far side of the patio which we may turn into a wee veg patch. Daniel has expressed an interest to grow some veg, which is great to encourage.

Red Currant 'Red Lake'

Back to the troughs. I wanted containers that looked good, were big enough to be home to some fruit and herbs and could be dismantled and moved when we move. After some surfing on line I came across these wooden containers. At a reasonable price, robust and made from sustainable wood they were duly bought from Primrose and arrived flat packed.

Lots of bits!

A bit of persuasion with a hammer, screwed together and finished, it was then up to Daniel to fill them with a mix of compost, John Innes No.2 and cheap grow bags, all mixed up together.

Filling up the planters

Planting up

The fruit planter has two Red current plants, cuttings taken from the plants at Easter Mosshat before we moved. Red, white and black currents propagate very easily from cuttings. I've always had 100% success rate. Putting 12" long pieces of woody stem in deep pots of compost, then leave them, watering occasionally. it couldn't be easier. The variety is 'Red lake', always fruiting abundantly, and tough its well worth growing. Infront of the currants are Strawberry 'Cambridge' and Fragaria vesca, the wild strawberry. 'Cambridge' fruits well, and produces many runners if you are interested in producing plenty more hands! The wilds strawberry, is a native, occuring on grassy banks and in dappled woodland. Again I have mainly divided up my own plants I brought with me from Easter Mosshat.

The fruit trough

I can't wait until next summer to harvest the fruits of our labours from these troughs. The herb trough is usable straight away, and being opposite the kitchen door makes it very handy. We can choose from Rosemary, Parsley, chives, thyme, parsley, tarragon and marjoram. I have alvia cuttings coming on and once big enought one shall be planted here too.

Lots of yummy cooking herbs

Plant List
Chives     ~ Allium schoenoprasum
Tarragon ~ Artemisia dracunculus
Oregano  ~ Oreganum vulgare 'Tomintoul'
Rosemary~ Rosemarinus 'Mrs jessops Upright'
Parsley    ~
Sage        ~ Salvia officinalis
Thyme    ~ Thymus vulgaris

Red currant 'Red Lake'
Strawberry 'Cambridge'
Fragaria vesca (wild Strawberry)

My own plant collection

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