Thursday, 25 September 2014

A House with 360 degree views

After a cold spell a couple of weeks ago, we've had unseasonally warm dry weather here in our wee bit of Scotland. The big greenhouse is now up and filled! Even if there is a touch of frost the plants will be more protected than outside. This weekend's mission is to get the last two replacement panes of glass and a gas bottle for the heater. Then the weather can do its worst. 

A burst of summer colour in the greenhouse in our previous garden
As you can see there's been a lot of progress in building the big greenhouse since it featured in the last greenhose blog. Autumn is arriving with speed and the nights are colder. So there is incentive to get on with it.

Roof glazed, benches in, walls to finish

While building the greenhouse one of my jobs was to wash all the greenhouse pieces and the glass, this for aesthetic and hygiene reasons. I knew the glass was dirty and hadn't been washed for a long time, but I was amazed and really pleased how clean the whole greenhouse looks and I can see out! It looks like new.Unfortunately we had to replace 12 panes of glass, having experimented with cutting it ourselves, we decided it was worth paying a glazier to cut the sheets to size than waste any more glass! A small fortune was exchanged but (apart from two pieces) the greenhouse is complete again.

Clean glass, dirty glass.

The doors installed, although I do have to source a set of
rollers that got lost in transit. How much for two wee wheels
 and screws? Thank goodness for ebay.

The cacti and succulent collection

First to go in were the more vulnerable succulents and cacti. Added to my collection were several belonging to my boys who no longer have room for them in their tiny shared bedroom.  Having repotted and fed them all, they are looking rather impressive back in the greenhouse. Some are even beginning to flower.

Getting fuller by the moment
Next to go in was my Pelargonium collection. This has been growing since I was given some scented varieties over 20 years ago. There are now well over 50 species and cultivars jostling for space here. Most of them are scented or species, others I have chosen for their dark coloured flowers or interesting foliage. My favourite is P. 'Ardens', a leggy creature with fantastic small red flowers.

Pelargonium 'Ardens'

There is still an awful lot of plants to fit in for winter
Because our rented house is much smaller there is no room for the larger house plants. These fitted in no problem in the large house, but here we have space issues! Hopefully they will survive in the greenhouse. I have still to fit in the grapevine and kiwi plant which are planted up in huge pots having been dug up from the greenhouse bed when we moved. Then there are all the smaller plants dotted about the patio that need winter protection too ....................... Time to get on with building the wee greenhouse!

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